Candela, Julia Otero's daughter, discovers the reason for the enmity and blames cancer

Candela, daughter of radio announcer Julia Otero, found out about the latest controversy in which her mother has been embroiled. The journalist, who has also fought cancer, has been in the news for Ana Rosa's return to television.

All eyes were on telecinc last Monday, October 10, when the 'queen of the mornings' returned to the program. He did so with a speech that displeased some of his enemies and which they used to put Otero on the trigger. Now, it was the announcer who took the floor and spoke deeply upset.

  1. Candela applauds her mother's words
  2. Candela is speechless: "I don't think it's ethically acceptable"

Candela applauds her mother's words

Candela knows very well what it means to fear the word cancer. At only 25 years old he received the bad news that his mother was suffering from the dreaded disease. Fortunately, the treatment was effective and the presenter of Onda Cero has been able to return to her work on the radio.

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Sufficiently recovered, she talked about how she had faced the fight and how hard the road has been. She knows very well what a diagnosis of these characteristics entails and, for this reason, she was extremely happy with the return of Ana Rosa. A return followed by a large number of television viewers and which did not go unnoticed. Especially for those who are not fans of Ana Rosa and used her comeback speech to attack her using Julia.

"The first thing Julia Otero did after being cured of cancer was to thank public health and ask for more investment in health. The first thing he has done Ana Rosa Quintana after recovering from cancer is criticizing the investment in public health", said one user.

A tweet that greatly annoyed the announcer and to which she wanted to respond to make her position clear. "I would like to say in public that I greatly celebrate the recovery from breast cancer that my colleague has had. The first day is difficult. Everyone who is listening to us right now knows very well that they have been through the same thing," he said.

Candela is speechless: "I don't think it's ethically acceptable"

Candela is very proud of how her mother has handled both the fight against the disease and the controversies. The years of professionalism are more than evident and Otero does not plan to allow it to be used for confrontation. This is precisely what she felt when she found out about the tweet comparing her to Ana Rosa in the worst moment of both. Fighting cancer is not at all easy and should not be used as a spear weapon to create differences.

"I want to say that I am very upset that at the moment I am being used by Ana Rosa's 'haters' or dissenters to point out that they are her 'haters' or dissenters. If you want to say something to me or her, please say it directly, but don't use us as a tool to tear us down. We don't like being a hammer. I'm not a hammer of anything and, moreover, it doesn't seem ethically acceptable to me", he said.

Otero wanted to clarify that there is no confrontation with Quintana: "we had an hour of talk" the day before returning to telecinc. Julia knows very well the feelings that return to work causes and she wanted to share her experience with Ana Rosa. "When it comes back, it's an experience to share. And more so when one has gone through something so singular", he confessed to Onda Cero.

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