Carlos Sobera confirms that infidelity takes its toll and he will not forgive it

Carlos Sobera keep on top of Nightmare in Paradise at every gala and debate. As he said in one of last week's episodes, at "my age, nothing surprises me anymore". Still, he found it hard to believe what he heard.

The presenter, who is already well-versed in reality TV shows, is used to seeing things like what is happening in this edition.

Carlos Sobera he already knew that putting Steisy as a contestant on the show would provide him with a lot of good times, but he never thought that she could go beyond the limits.

  1. Carlos Sobera presents the contestant's best moments and fights
  2. Carlos Sobera does not give credit to the strong romance that has formed

Carlos Sobera presents the contestant's best moments and fights

The presenter keeps quoting her in each of the debates and Steisy is always involved in all the confrontations on the farm.

Carlos Sobera doesn't believe everything this 'Nightmare in Paradise' contestant does

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While Víctor Janeiro was teaching her how to ride a horse, she decided it was a good idea to take off her top and give the bullfighter a hug with nothing on. A situation that was very unpleasant for him. Both of them had a strong clash due to this.

With Raquel Lozano he also had his ups and downs when she was expelled, but he left her nominated before leaving, which did not do the contestant any good.

One of her last fights has been with her colleague Daniela whom she accuses of nominating without telling the truth to her face, which the contestant does not want to endure.

It was she who caused a lot of talk about some of her images in the program in which she competes and which she presents Carlos Sobera a telecinc.

Carlos Sobera does not give credit to the strong romance that has formed

Throughout the competition, the farm, the pigs, the donkey and the horse have witnessed the friendship that has been forged between Steisy and Dani.

Both already knew each other before entering because he is a friend of Pablo, her partner. As for Patrícia, before she entered she already knew that she would find great support there.

Carlos Sobera is nervous in front of the images

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However, what started out as a simple friendship has turned into a feeling that neither of them can or wants to hide.

The contestant has always been very liberal, as she has confirmed on her channel Mtmad together with Pablo, his partner. Both know each other perfectly after four years of dating. They like to have an open relationship as long as the other person knows or is present.

Steisy greets her friends with kisses on the mouth and Pablo has allowed it more than once. Now, however, he has reprimanded his girlfriend for his behavior, as well as some of his phrases.

She has asked Dani to marry her in the competition. He has also told her that if she didn't have a boyfriend, she would be with him. These phrases accompanied by massages, kisses on the mouth and caresses ended up bothering Pablo a lot who no longer knows how to defend his relationship.

The program of Carlos Sobera invited the contestant's partner to attend the farm so they could clarify all doubts. Steisy tearfully threatened to quit as she wanted to leave with him. Pablo made the boundaries clear to him and asked him to cut off his relationship with Dani.

Capture of Pablo Pisa's visit to the 'Nightmare in Paradise' program

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He didn't want her to sleep with him again or kiss him anymore. Pablo left the contest calmer after he was able to clear things up with her.

"I'm much calmer, talking to Dani and Patri has helped me. Until now there was an excuse, that they didn't know how I was, but now they know", so Pablo Pisa hopes that they will end their relationship and respect him.

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