Carlota Corredera confesses to her husband that she had to move away to feel better

Carlota Corredera she stayed away from television for a while. She asserted that she needed it after enduring enormous pressure after the docuseries aired Rocío Carrasco. But other sources point out that it was the managers of the chain who had displaced him.

In any case, the presenter was back at the head of a new format this Saturday. It is about who is my fathera program that promoted this Friday at Luxurious. But he also had time to reveal what these past months without work had been like.

For the first time, Corredera confessed that she needed to disconnect, to get away from everything related to television. In addition, he endured a time of great uncertainty, where he did not know the future that awaited him. The phone never rang to offer him new projects.

He revealed that despite everything he had not thought of leaving television. He endured very complicated moments, "but normal, because I broke with 13 years of my life". One of the people who knew best all the suffering she had gone through, besides her husband, was Jorge Javier Vazquez.

He maintains a very close relationship with the Badaloní and during these months they did not lose communication at any time. In the conversation they had this Friday, she pointed out that she had to face "the unknown", something completely new.

Carlota Corredera posing smiling in a photocall


For 13 years, save me it had been his home. She performed the functions of both director and presenter and was very comfortable in the space. But when the time came, they decided to remove her from the program for good.

Carlota Corredera clarified that he had "had a very privileged stop. I stopped watching TV and, also, I stopped consuming it».

He revealed that this decision was not because he had left the space of telecinc. It was actually what his mind was asking for.

He needed to "stop watching TV for work". In recent times there has been a lot of speculation regarding his professional future. There were many who assured that he would never set foot in the Fuencarral facilities again.

They felt that he suffered significant wear as a result of his defense a Rocío Carrasco. The public turned their backs on him and he had to endure a lot of criticism. A telecincthey wanted to wait a while before giving him another chance.

At the last minute they gave him this format that premiered this Saturday and which, in principle, had to lead another side of the chain. They had initially thought of Emma Garciabut for some unknown reason, in the end they entrusted the project to Carlota Corredera.

He is clear that his future work will always remain linked to the small screen, either "in front of the cameras or behind it".

Carlota Corredera was grateful for the displays of affection

Carlota Corredera she confirmed that in all this time she has never been alone. He received many tokens of affection from friends. He took the opportunity to apologize to some people.

He did not answer many of the messages he received from his colleagues. "I take advantage of this speaker to say that there are many people to whom I have not answered since I left on April 25", he pointed out. He went on to say that he did it simply to "disconnect".

Image of Carlota Corredera with her husband Carlos de la Maza


She wanted to take time for herself and her family and get away from everything that had caused her anxiety. Which he also understood Jorge Javier Vazquez.

Carlota Corredera she is delighted with the new project she has been assigned. After six months, where he had the opportunity "to rest and disconnect", he returns to the front line. The program aspires to lead Saturday nights.

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