Carmen Alcayde announces that she is separating from the father of her children after 30 years together

Carmen Alcayde held her job a save mewhen, from one moment to the next, he announced something very important to her. Like this, Jorge Javier Vazquez he noticed she wasn't wearing her engagement ring and popped the question of the moment. A question to which she answered honestly and acknowledged that she is no longer with the father of her children.

Carmen Alcayde cried when she remembered that they had been together for 30 years, but she realized that she had other needs. At the same time, he made it clear that nothing bad had happened, separating by mutual agreement and still having a great relationship. "There's no good or bad because he's a wonderful man, but now we weren't connected, it's just that," he admitted.

Close-up of Carmen Alcayde, current collaborator of Sálvame


Carmen revealed why she made the decision: she wanted to be alone and needs to start a life. "It was a very difficult decision, but one that was well thought out and affected, I don't know if there is a possibility of going back, no one knows that," he said. She believes that the time has come to enjoy it, although she clarified that she has been very happy with her husband.

"I need to find myself because I was always a wife and mother, always with the children. Carmen wasn't there and I want to find her and see what she's like because I haven't been alone in 30 years. It's just that before that I always had a boyfriend and I like being alone", explained the collaborator.

Carmen Alcayde has explained the whole truth

Carmen prefers not to talk about her private life, but she knew it was news that would eventually come out. That's why he gathered courage and told the whole truth, not wanting to keep anything to himself. "He has always supported me in my career, he sends me messages and I hope he will continue to do so", he was sincere.

Alcayde was looking forward to explaining it, in fact she said that she has had "some horrible days" because she felt pressured by this issue. She has realized that the best thing to do is to be honest, and that's why she had a conversation with her husband.

"It was as if we were playing the rope game and each one pulled to one side. Each wanted to do something different and each thought the other was in charge. We deserve a chance for everyone to live their lives", declared Alcayde.

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The Valencian did not offer many details, but she did make it clear that the father of her children is perfectly fine. It's a tough time for him too, but they both knew they had to end the marriage.

"The other part is fine, I think we are both quite broken, but we have three children in common. We basically did it for them, so they could see a happy life. Many do not separate for the sake of their children, but I think it is quite the opposite", he concluded.

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