Carmen Alcayde talks about infidelity and confesses who she lives with since her divorce

Carmen Alcayde left everything frozen save me after surprising with a revelation that had been hidden for some time. The Valencian collaborator revealed live that she was separating from her husband with whom she had been in a relationship for 30 years, married for almost 20 and had three children together.

Carmen Alcayde has made it clear that the separation from Eduardo Primo is "mutually agreed", but has not taken the matter seriously and has confessed that both are "broken. It's a very difficult decision, but I think it's the right one", said the talk show host de save me.

Alcayde has explained that one of the reasons why the love between them has ended is that there has been "too much wear and tear on the relationship". But he makes it clear that there was no infidelity in between.

  1. Carmen Alcayde separates after 30 years with her husband
  2. Alcayde knows he has made the right decision
  3. The beginning of the end of Carmen Alcayde's marriage

Carmen Alcayde separates after 30 years with her husband

Yesterday, the television veteran was no longer wearing her wedding ring, a ring she had been wearing for no less than 19 years.

Alcayde has revealed that they are in the process of separating and that she is "fucked". At one point, the collaborators of save meStunned after hearing Alcayde's words, they have asked him if there is any option for reconciliation.

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The Valencian has confessed that they really "were very friends", and that this separation is not the first time it has happened.

They already parted ways before they got married in 2003, and they split up and got back together to spend the rest of their lives together. Alcayde believes that they felt they were in very different stages of life, but that they complemented each other perfectly.

Alcayde knows he has made the right decision

In addition, Alcayde has focused on the well-being of the children and considers that, in these cases, when love ends, it is best to part ways. It is preferable to tell the reality to their parents so that they can continue to be happy even though their parents are no longer together.

"When there is no happiness, the best thing for them is to teach them that you can be happy even if you are separated," he said live.

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Finally, the collaborator has spoken about how she sees her romantic future, and the fact is that Alcayde does not know very well what will happen in her life.

"I haven't been alone for 30 years. But the time has come to change and feel that I wanted to try. I want to play music and sing and dance at home, it's silly, but that's what I want to do.' After his words, Carmen Alcayde broke down crying live in a disconsolate way and said "I want to go".

The beginning of the end of Carmen Alcayde's marriage

Just a year ago, Carmen confessed how her family lived at that time and made it clear that the separation could come at any time. Since he is working at save meCarmen spends much more time in Madridwhile his family is in Valencia.

Carmen Alcayde


At the time, the Valencian also worked in the play fungifunction in which he shared the lead with César Lucendo.

"We passed here a Madrid three school years and also the pandemicbut now I have sent the complete pack over there. Now we all live there", he explained some time ago.

"For example, now I came on Tuesday a Madrid and I won't be back until next Monday, but it won't be normal. I imagine that I will be able to go and come more often", he said in September 2021 a vanity.

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