Carmen Bazán loses what she has left and asks for help to sleep elsewhere

After many years away from television, Carmen Bazán has reappeared to send an important message. the ex-wife ofHumberto Janeiro he decided to leave the spotlight and take refuge in his family; The last few years have not been easy for Carmen.

The matriarch of the clan has had to face several very harsh beatings. August marked two years since the death ofHumberto Janeirothis was the turning point that made Carmen take refuge more in hers.

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  1. Carmen Bazán and her 'bad streak'
  2. The reappearance of Carmen and the great message for her son

Carmen Bazán and her 'bad streak'

Humberto Janeiro he suffered multi-organ failure due to the diabetes he had suffered for years, and after several weeks in the hospital, he was finally unable to overcome the complications. This was a hard blow for the whole family, especially for Carmen. Although the matriarch had separated from him many years ago, they always maintained the relationship. Carmen even sent a wreath, despite not going to the funeral.

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Another of the great blows Carmen has suffered in recent years was her hip problem, for which she had to undergo surgery. As Víctor Janeiro's mother revealed, the post-operative period was very hard, Bazán had to be at absolute rest for weeks without being able to move from his bed.

All this motivated the disappearance of the media. Carmen needed reassurance and knew that appearances on television could only fuel more controversies, but undoubtedly one of the biggest losses from which she still hasn't been able to recover was that of her villa in Cádiz. Last November, Carmen saw the home she had lived in for years being foreclosed on. The house was put up for sale for €95,300.

Carmen lived in this villa after her divorce with Humberto. There is no doubt that he lived great moments there and, therefore, losing him was a hard blow for Jesulín's mother.

After this difficult episode, Carmen Bazán had to resettle again in Ambiciones, as she had become homeless, but the family welcomed her with open arms. Especially his grandchildren, with whom he maintains a great relationship.

Image of Carmen Bazán and Víctor Janeiro walking down the street


Beatriz Trapote recently made statements in which she highlighted Bazán's grandmotherly facet. "They are looking forward to spending the weekends with their grandmother, they must enjoy their grandmother and be outdoors. I'm delighted", she confessed.

The reappearance of Carmen and the great message for her son

Carmen Bazán surprised everyone when she made a surprise reappearance on the show last night nightmare in paradise The matriarch took advantage of the return to television to send a strong message of encouragement to her son Víctor, since the bullfighter has become one of the favorites of the contest.

Carmen reminded him of the big family he has formed with his wife Beatriz and that they are all supporting him from the outside. "My champion, don't cry for me because I've come to cheer you up. We are with you", he commented.

Víctor Janeiro receives a visit from his mother, Carmen Bazán, in Nightmare in Paradise

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Mother and son melted into an emotional embrace where Carmen did not hesitate to express her love and affection. In addition to congratulating him on his great contest. "We admire you and we love you, keep going, it's the only thing I wish for you", commented Carmen Bazán in front of an excited Víctor Janeiro.

Although Carmen decided to stay away from the media many years ago, she has proven that when it comes to her family, she is there to support them.

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