Carmen Machi had a reason to hide her husband for more than 20 years

Carmen Machiunlike many other famous actors, he has been able to hide the identity of his partner for a long time. Despite being together for more than 20 years, she has managed to keep her boyfriend's name out of the limelight, until now, and the reason for this secrecy has shocked everyone.

Carmen Machi is one of the most recognized actresses in Spain, and there is no role on Spanish television that she can resist. Although his fame is due to his comic role in series like helphis interpretation in the drama genre also stands out.

  1. The professional success of Carmen Machi
  2. Carmen's secret to separating professional life from private life

The professional success of Carmen Machi

Carmen Machi's career as an actress began in the mid-90s. Thanks to participation in works such as The twelfth night or Altarpiece of the Abbeyhis fame began to grow in the theater world. Later, he made his film debut with his role as a journalist in Shacky Carmine.

In addition, he soon began to appear as a protagonist in recognized feature films such as The woman without a piano and she has also been one of the leading actresses in Almodóvar films like talk to her. On the other hand, the last movie in which Machi appears, Piggypromises to be a huge hit in the horror genre and will be released this October.

Carmen Machi

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But, despite the fact that she has stood out enormously for her professional life, Carmen Machi has managed to keep her privacy on the sidelines. The performer has never been very talkative about her private life. Carmen Machi has tried to silence her privacy as much as possible, although some details about her personal life are already known.

Carmen's secret to separating professional life from private life

Vicente is the name of Carmen Machi's partner, with whom she has shared her life for more than two decades, but despite spending so much time together, the actress has never spoken about it. Also, they have never been seen together at events or in pictures on the social media of the actress.

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The only thing known about the partner of Carmen Machi is his name, the efforts of the actress to stay away from the pink press have not allowed more information to leak out. When asked about her family plans, the actress replies that she has no intention of getting married. "Getting married scares me, just like having a child", is usually his typical answer. This is precisely why he would have decided not to expand his family.

However, we recently learned that Carmen Machi and Vicente are making a lot of plans as a couple. In fact, they usually go on vacation in places like Zahara de los Atunes, where they were seen together for the first time. It is also noteworthy that Carmen Machi dedicated a Goya to her partner, with whom she kissed before going on stage. "I dedicate it to you, to be more beautiful than anything." So, despite keeping their relationship quiet, it seems that the actress is very much in love and very happy.

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