Chenoa's husband learns that he will not be able to have more children

Chenoa has been in the spotlight of many who wondered why she has not taken the step of being a mother. But that moment was short-lived, as the singer has explanations for why motherhood isn't for her.

Throughout her career, the Mallorcan has been asked thousands of times whether getting pregnant was something that was part of her plans. Chenoa suffers from endometriosis, a health problem that has worked against her.

Endometriosis is a disorder that can often become quite painful in which the tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus grows outside. This can make it difficult to conceive a baby.

Recently, Chenoa has attended a public event. He has been asked about his professional career and his more personal side. And, as was obvious, the question has arisen and the interpreter has not been able to keep quiet.

Photo of Chenoa and her husband Miguel Sánchez.


She indicated that she was "a little fed up with this question". However, she wanted to share the moment she realized she didn't want to be a mother.

As the magazine collects Ten Minutesthe Mallorcan said: "I am the mother of many things without being children". Before making the jump to fame, Chenoa she was a child educator, a period in her life in which she had a revelation.

"I realized that you need to have time to have a child and here I decided not to." I could have this maternal energy for other things."

With this weight ratio, Chenoa silences all those who insisted on whether she wanted to be a mother. And motherhood does not have to be for all women.

Chenoa and Miguel hugging on the beach


The singer has confessed that she was in a very happy moment in her life. She always felt fulfilled when she was single or in romantic relationships.

However, when she married her husband Miguel Sánchez the question of starting a family was present again. "I think we have already covered the quota, which is to be happy and that's it," said the interpreter of when you go.

Thus he made it clear that he only needed Miguel Sánchez and his work to find happiness.

Chenoa's professional future

The truth is that the singer is doing very well in the workplace. This Thursday she started a new stage as a presenter of one well into the night on Europa FM, Take it less seriously.

The singer will be accompanied on this adventure by well-known people, such as Joaquín Reyes, Victòria Martín, Valeria Ros or the comedians Pantomima Full. We will also be able to see her with Carlotta Cosials, Supremme Deluxe, Samantha Ballentines, Carlos Marco, Antonio Resines, Andrea Compton, Dario Eme Hache, Maria Peláe and Masi.

Chenoa in 'Your face sounds to me'

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In addition to this, Chenoa sit back at the jury table of Your face rings me. "I'm really looking forward to it. I face it with a lot of love and without knowing much because I like to find everything at once", he said.

After knowing who the contestants of this edition will be, surprise and excitement have invaded the ex-contestant ofOperation Triumph. "The casting seems to me to be a great innovation because they are taking an important range of colors."

Susi Caramelo, Alfred García, Miriam Rodríguez or Andrea Guasch will be some of the well-known faces that will face the imitations.

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