Companionship, a new system to train apprentice screenwriters

Anissa Omri, 30, has won the Holy Grail: writing a series for Netflix. A job, a real one, that allows him to pay his rent. An incredible opportunity for the one who, barely a year ago, made her debut in an environment that made her dream, but where she did not know anyone. After a master’s degree in labor law, she was employed in the human resources sector, before joining the Kourtrajmé film school a few years later, with a three-month training on scriptwriting. ” When I left, in January 2021, I had a good foundation but no idea how I was going to be able to live from my job. explains Anissa Omri, who also does stand-up in Paris.

His film school suggests that he send an application to the European City of Screenwriters, an association founded in 2018 to promote the profession and participate in its opening up to young talents, which inaugurated its companionship center in 2021. Anissa tries her luck and joins the first promotion last June. The ten admitted, aged 21 to 38, were chosen from around sixty applicants. They have all previously gone through training in audiovisual and cinematographic writing. For seven months, they benefited from a scholarship (between 300 and 500 euros net per month), courses on the job market applied to screenwriters (To whom to pitch their ideas? What are copyright ?) and a special alliance with a senior screenwriter. The latter, remunerated, opened their current projects to their future colleagues. A quick dive into real life.

“For a learner, rubbing shoulders with an experienced professional helps to demystify the act of creation, explains Pauline Rocafull, co-president of the Cité des scénaristes alongside Thomas Bidegain, known for his collaborations with director Jacques Audiard. Attending his daily life, including in the most difficult moments such as yet another request for rewriting or the refusal of a version, allows you to get out of received ideas. »

” Gain trust “

Among the students of the first class of apprentice screenwriters, Erwan Nosal, 24, shared a few slices of life with Blandine Jet, screenwriter, and Antoine Rodelet, head of the Hari studio, specializing in animation. His two good fairies greatly reassured the young man, passed on the benches of Kourtrajmé after a few months of film school. He who wrote his first screenplay at the age of 13 was nourished by these exchanges. “I learned a lot working with people I admiredhe analyzes. When I realized that they too sometimes had to hang on and persevere, it helped me gain confidence. »

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