Concern for the state of Iker Casillas after the crisis was confirmed

last sunday Iker Casillas became trending topic and his name grabbed dozens of headlines with his controversial tweet. The ex-footballer tweeted: "I hope they respect me: I'm gay". In a few minutes the tweet was filled with thousands of interactions and comments of all kinds.

The most comments received by the ex of Sara Carbonero were very negative as very few users took it seriously. And although Iker has us used to his jokes on social networks, this one was not well received. After a few minutes and after seeing the repercussion it had, he deleted the tweet and justified himself:

Casillas wrote a second tweet, arguing that he had been the victim of a hack:

"Account hacked. Fortunately, everything is in order. Excuse all my followersand of course, my apologies to the LGBT community", wrote the ex-footballer.

However, many users didn't buy the ex's excuse Sara Carbonero. Some, like the journalist Bob Pop, classified the justification as "stupid", and called the ex-footballer a homophobe.

  1. Iker Casillas is not going through his best moment
  2. Iker Casillas and the crisis he is going through

Iker Casillas is not going through his best moment

In recent months Iker has been in the media spotlight, but not for his professional achievements. It's been a long time since the footballer grabbed the news just for his side as a footballer. Now, the thing has changed.

Close-up of Iker Casillas

| Catalonia Daily

Since the end of the relationship with Sara CarboneroIker has been linked to countless women. And this is something that Casillas has never liked.

The Mostoleny has always wanted to keep his private life in absolute secrecy. The program is a week old Sociality claimed that Casillas and Alejandra Onieva, Íñigo's sister, would be dating.

"Iker has been staying with Íñigo's sister for several weeks and it seems that he is quite excited", confessed a witness on the program of Núria Marín.

After this news it is now understood that the tweet published by the footballer was a strategy to divert attention. But it hasn't turned out to be a very smart move, as it has backfired.

Image of Alejandra Onieva and Iker Casillas

| Instagram

we buy Iker Casillas has become more active than ever on social networks, especially on TikTok, where he has amassed 3 million followers. And its content is very varied.

Only a few weeks ago he published a nostalgic video in which he took a tour of his entire professional career. Many users of the social network pointed out that the ex-footballer could feel nostalgia for those golden years, where his sporting achievements preceded any aspect of his private life.

Iker Casillas and the crisis he is going through

Many media have pointed out that Iker Casillas could be facing the great dreaded crisis of the 40s. And that it had come at a very complicated time, after the break with Sara Carbonero.

Many users have commented that Iker's attitude in his TikTok videos are very similar to that of a teenager. As if he were somehow trying to relive those youthful years that were disrupted by his career plans.

Iker is in one of the most different stages of his life, both professionally and personally. Now, he is freed, and it is noticeable that there is no entourage of publicists behind him. The exporter uploads all kinds of content to his social networks without much regard for the repercussion it produces.

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