Couples of young Ukrainians prepare to fight together

A few weeks ago, Olga and Maxim or Maria and Murager led a peaceful life as a couple. But, with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, they decided to take up arms.

Before committing, these partners have chosen to train. It is in Odessa, in a specialized center, that they train. Weapons handling, field trips, physical and psychological preparation, first aid… There are many workshops aimed at couples. “Each person should know how to fight, provide medical assistance to help loved ones or other people”said Olga Moroz, a 26-year-old graphic designer trained in civil defense alongside her boyfriend, Maxim Yavtoushenko, a 32-year-old business manager.

This establishment welcomes between eighty and one hundred and fifty people a day to teach them how to defend themselves and survive in the event of a Russian attack in Odessa.

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