Crazy for the original €1 tablecloths from Lidl that never get dirty

One of the most common pieces in homes are tablecloths, it doesn't matter if they are for decoration or out of necessity, but it is a piece that belongs to the typical elements that every home has. Whether with quirky or simple patterns, tablecloths are an indispensable element if you want to eat without getting dirty.

However, most of them stain easily or don't last long enough, so it's hard to find the ones that best suit your needs. Luckily, we might have found the safest bet in a famous supermarket.

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  1. The most requested tablecloths are at Lidl and are already causing a stir
  2. You can choose between 3 very original designs
  3. Some recommendations on the care of tablecloths

The most requested tablecloths are at Lidl and are already causing a stir

Need tablecloths but don't know where to get good quality ones at a reasonable price? Well, the Swedish company, lidlmay have the solution within its corridors.

Just a few days ago, I put some tablecloths on sale that are becoming users' favorites. In networks such as Twitter or TikTok, several users have shared how happy they are with the purchase, a fact not surprising given its characteristics.

Photo of Lidl printed tablecloths

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If something stands out about these tablecloths it is their high manufacturing quality. Since they are composed of 100% polypropylene, they are very resistant and can last for a long time. In the end, buying products of these characteristics ends up becoming a short and long term benefit.

In addition, they are very economical. They go in one package and you can get 4 tablecloths for just €3.99, that is, you will be paying less than €1 per towel. It should be noted that the size of each is 33 x 48 cm, an ideal individual size for any table.

You can choose between 3 very original designs

The three available models of these tablecloths are very diverse, so you will easily find one or more that you like.

The first imitates a pattern decorated with different ornaments, very similar to flowers. Of this, the bluish and yellowish tones that remind us of the tiles of Mudejar art stand out. The second tablecloths of lidl they have large lemons distributed over the entire surface, so you will be adding a touch of something extra chicken at your house As it is more monochromatic than the previous one, it has a more subtle impact on the home decor.

Photo of Lidl lemon print tablecloths

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If, on the other hand, you are looking for more elegant tablecloths, you should bet on the last option. The third pattern reminds us of marble, with whitish and gray tones. This type of napkin goes well with any decoration and gives a more sober look to the table.

Some recommendations on the care of tablecloths

Whether or not you've owned tablecloths, you probably know how difficult it can be to clean them properly. Therefore, from lidl have launched a series of recommendations to be able to solve this problem.

Photo of Lidl marble patterned tablecloths

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First of all, they have pointed out that it is very important not to put them in the washing machine and, above all, not to use any bleach when cleaning them. Considering the material they are made of, opting for these methods could be harmful. Likewise, they indicate that household appliances such as dryers or irons also damage the material, so the most recommended thing is to pass a damp cloth over the surface of these tablecloths.

If you want them to dry quickly, you will have to let them dry at room temperature in your home. Although, also, you will always have the option of drying them with a cloth that is not wet.

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