David Bustamante admits failure and that he is having a hard time

David Bustamante is one of the most beloved singers of the first edition ofOperation Triumph. His approach to people has won him the affection of a large part of the public.

And this proves that almost everything he touches turns to gold. The songs, the perfumes and, now, also the play in which he stars, ghostthey are an insurance of success.

David Bustamante


Bustamante's peasant temperament is one of his great virtues. Many people see him as someone who does not seem to have achieved the successes that San Vicente de la Barquera has accumulated. He always tries to be honest and has no objections when it comes to opening up to the public.

And that is what he has done now. David Bustamante visited last weekend the new program of Xavier Sardà a TV. And he did not leave anyone indifferent with his confession after one of his last failures.

David Bustamante loses the most important fight

Bustamante admits that "I still have nightmares" after what happened and regrets not having been able to do things better. We're talking about the boxing match he had against Mister Jägger.

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Yes, the same thing they relate to Laura Scanes. The singer could only last two rounds and clearly lost against the 'YouTuber'.

Always with sincerity in front, Bustamante explains that the fight "was very complicated and very uncomfortable". And he explained the reasons for his defeat.

Photo of Ares Teixidó interviewing David Bustamante.

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"It made me very angry because I had very little time to prepare and I didn't manage to do the boxing that I really know how to do. I had four weeks to prepare with a kid who is 20 years old and 1.90 meters tall," he commented.

The truth is that, already at the time, both the rival and the organizer of the boxing evening, Ibai Llanos, already valued the effort made by Bustamante to participate in combat. Despite his failure, many praised the former contestant's attitude and effortOperation Triumph.

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