David Bustamante admits the lies he has told and talks about the fear he has been through

David Bustamante he is opening the way to a new stage in his life. The singer has started new professional projects and seems to be doing pretty well personally as well. You can say that the one from Canabria is very happy. the former contestant ofOperation Triumph he has not stopped being surrounded by works that have to do with music, one of the essences that gives meaning to his life.

This time, David Bustamante has said 'yes' to a project that has little to do with the music class he was taking. The singer has gone from doing concerts to going on stage in theatres. David is working on the musical ghost as the main character, Sam. It is a very different version of this legendary film that we are used to, as it is a musical.

"I've known what a ghost is since I was 17... The lies I've had to tell," he said about this new challenge. The musical is presented at the Tívoli theater, a Barcelona. Sam is the central axis of the plot of the famous film. After his death, he leaves behind his partner, who has to go on without him. However, Sam's spirit returns to guide her. In this musical, Ana Dachs will be the girlfriend of David BustamanteMolly in fiction. A whole display of sensuality and chemistry between the two.

Bustamante has confessed that he was scared to give life to this character. For this musical he had to learn, among other things, Catalan. "I was trained in Barcelona", he said at the presentation of the work. However, not only has he been forced to start speaking a language almost from scratch, but he has also taken interpreting classes.

A new challenge for David Bustamante

Despite knowing that he was being offered a very important challenge, Bustamante did not hesitate to say yes. It was a proposal made by Silvia Montesinos, responsible for the script and adaptation of the lyrics. And most crucially, she is the resident director.

In fact, it was his mother who first insisted the singer agree to play this role. "My mother decided for me," he joked. ghost is a film that, according to the ex-contestant ofOperation Triumphit is closely linked with the life of its family. «ghost it's my parents' love story. In fact, in the video of my first communion they put Unchained Melody".

"After a 25-year career, continuing to learn is very nice. In addition, we had a dog called Ghost and a little dog called Molly», explained David.

we buy David Bustamante he has found a new love in musical theatre, he is happy and determined to alternate it with concerts. However, it is true that he admits that his arrival in this world has not been very easy. "It has been very hard, but it is being an incredible adventure. I'm not a newbie anymore, I'm already running 150 features. I was very scared until the day of the premiere and, since then, I am enjoying it, but I continue to have nerves, good nerves», he said.

David Bustamanteduring all this time, he went on stage as a singer. Although he has also done television (and continues to do so), this is something very different. "A musical has little to do with a concert. At the concerts I dedicate myself to my audience, here it is towards the inside, towards the character», he pointed out.

ghost it can be seen until November 27

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