David Flores and his sister admit that the relationship is bad and that they may break up

Everyone is waiting to see what the current couple does or doesn't do: made up of Olga Moreno i Augustine Etienne. As soon as the ex-stepmother of David Flores confirmed that he was in a romantic relationship with his representative a weekall means are pending.

For this magazine, the Sevillian spoke loudly and clearly about her new affair with the Argentine, with whom, in addition, she has maintained a long and consolidated friendship for some years. Without a doubt, from the few images that have been seen so far, they brag about their love publicly, as they do not hesitate to show each other gestures of love and affection.

However, many programs on the small screen ensure that the relationship is not as idyllic as they want to show. exactly, David Flores Carrasco has seen that some images have come to light that would show the true relationship that the winner of survivors 2021 and Etienne

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  1. The true relationship of Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne
  2. David Flores Carrasco knows the relationship is broken

The true relationship of Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne

Since the relationship between Olga Moreno and his representative, strong rumors have emerged surrounding the couple. While some media claimed that the Sevillian was happy for this new illusion, others pointed out that their love could be a sham.

Publicly, both have been very affectionate towards each other. So much has been the case, that they have even dedicated a message on social networks.

"You are one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met in my life. Thank you for looking at me the way you look at me!", the Argentine wrote to his new girlfriend. In addition, also David Flores Carrasco saw that her former stepmother celebrated her 47th birthday in a very intimate way: she spent a romantic evening with what appears to be her orange half.

From what could be seen in the images that were leaked, both of them engaged in complicit glances and gestures that prove the love they feel for each other. In fact, the couple's first passionate kiss in public has already been seen. But the question is: what is really behind this relationship?

AYit's noon, David Flores Carrasco has seen that the program has had access to some exclusive photographs that could prove that not everything is as it seems. In these images in question, you can see the supposed happy couple, with a very cold and boring attitude.

A witness who witnessed the couple's last dinner revealed that the Argentine spent the entire evening talking on the phone and ignored Moreno. As you can see, Antonio David's ex-wife is visibly serious throughout the dinner and even bored to see that her boyfriend is on the phone. This distant attitude would show what the true relationship between the two of them is like when the cameras are not present.

Undoubtedly, the rumors that indicated that the relationship between the two would be a setup now gain more strength.

Image of Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne

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David Flores Carrasco knows the relationship is broken

As this laundry room continues to ring louder and louder, David Flores Carrasco he is aware that another relationship is on a tightrope. And it is that Anna Lukefriend and defender of Olga Moreno a survivors 2021has revealed exclusively for the magazine conferences that his friendship with her is more than broken.

The ex-girlfriend of the Sevillian reproached her for not defending her, which she asked when she began to receive a large amount of criticism on social networks. "I wrote to him: 'You are the only one who has the key to stop this, I have not said anything about you.' She told me: 'We'll talk,'" he explained.

"He says it's not up to him to stop it, but I'll keep saying it: he didn't defend me on the net, he treated me like shit!", he continued. Likewise, he admitted that the ex-stepmother of David Flores Carrasco did not give her "her place" and even felt that she had been "used".

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