Dismissal of the two rape investigations targeting Gérard Louvin and her husband

Producer Gérard Louvin (centre) arrives at the Russian church in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, September 24, 2009 to attend the funeral of singer and comedian Filip Nikolic.

The age of the facts denounced by the six complainants, dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, left little doubt about the legal outcome. Two investigations for “rape of minors” targeting producer Gérard Louvin and her husband, Daniel Moyne, were dismissed in mid-January, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Monday April 4. The motivations for these dismissals differ, however, depending on the two “parts” of the case.

A first investigation was opened on January 21, 2021, after Olivier A.’s complaint against his uncle, flagship producer of French television, Gérard Louvin, and against her husband, also a producer. Olivier A., ​​48 years old, whose testimony had been revealed by The world, denounced sexual assault and rape suffered between his 10 and 14 years, committed by Daniel Moyne with the consent of Gérard Louvin. The two producers then denied ” in block “ these charges.

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In the wake of Olivier A.’s media speech, five other men had filed a complaint against the couple of producers. Their stories each time evoked facts that were twenty years old or more, involving Gérard Louvin or Daniel Moyne, or both. All these complaints were dismissed by the Paris prosecutor’s office due to “prescription of public action”. “After careful examination of the procedure, we regret to inform you that the facts that you denounce are covered by the prescription, preventing any prosecution from being brought against the respondent”, received, dated January 17, one of the complainants, in a letter that The world consulted.

Defamation complaint

The second survey, opened in the summer of 2021 and revealed by The Parisian, was dismissed, this time “due to an insufficiently characterized offence”. This new procedure followed the story of a couple, in front of the minors’ brigade, who claimed to have been aware of the organization, by Gérard Louvin and Daniel Moyne, of “paid sex parties” with children from favelas, in Rio.

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Contacted by The world, Mand Céline Beckerman, Daniel Moyne’s lawyer, announced the “great relief” of its customers. “They were sullied and dragged through the mud by the media court. Justice has triumphed. » She recalls that a complaint for defamation was filed, targeting the accusations of sexual parties in Brazil.

Mand Pierre Debuisson, the lawyer for the six plaintiffs, believes with the World that“You shouldn’t be fooled. The classification without follow-up for the complaints lodged intervenes only for one reason: the prescription. My clients – who are still waiting for non-prescribed victims to come forward – still reserve the right to appeal to the dean of the investigating judges. »

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