do we have the right to combine several survivors’ pensions?

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I have been widowed twice, can I receive two survivor’s pensions?

When a spouse or ex-spouse dies, the surviving spouse or ex-spouse can claim reversion, i.e. payment of a fraction (the rate varies according to the plans between 50% and 60% ) pensions received by the deceased. Or that he would have touched, if he had not yet retired. Several reversions from the same deceased spouse can be paid to the same person by the various pension schemes to which the deceased contributed, for the basic pension as well as for the supplementary ones.

It’s necessary to choose

It is still necessary to be eligible for reversion in the schemes concerned, that is to say to respect the conditions set by each. For example, most basic pension schemes (not that of civil servants) only pay the survivor’s pension if your income does not exceed a certain level. It is also often possible to combine several reversions from several deceased spouses or ex-spouses.

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But there are exceptions. In particular, it is not authorized to combine two survivor’s pensions if they both come from civil service schemes (for example if the two deceased spouses were civil servants of the State, or if one was a civil servant the State and the other territorial civil servant): there, the cumulation is regulated, it is necessary to choose between the two reversions if one is eligible for both.

Be careful, in all cases, survivor’s pensions are not paid automatically, they must be requested.

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