Elisabeth Borne clarifies Emmanuel Macron’s proposal on RSA counterparties

This is one of the measures-phrases of candidate Macron’s program, conditioning the payment of the RSA to fifteen to twenty hours of activity facilitating professional integration. While many associations have criticized this proposal, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, clarified, Tuesday, March 22, the contours.

“There are many counterparties, but what we are talking about is a program made up of different activities such as training or immersion in companies that allow you to reconnect with the professional world, to clarify your project and to to achieve. It’s not community service.”she explained in an interview published online Tuesday in the weekly The Obs.

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“It is not a question of imposing on RSA recipients to do community service without being paid, as proposed by Mrs. [Valérie] Pécresse », did she say. The candidate of the Les Républicains party in the presidential election proposes that the beneficiaries give “fifteen hours of activity in society”. In the project of the candidate Macron, specifies Mme Terminal, it is “to participate in workshops in which you can make a personalized assessment”.

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According to her, “This can make it possible to identify obstacles to employment, such as health problems, and to offer a benefit. Or help to make a CV and learn how to present yourself in front of an employer. Or even discover trades through immersions in companies, then finance professional training ». The Minister of Labor also specified that Emmanuel Macron’s proposal will not concern “people who face serious health or addiction problems, psychological problems, childcare difficulties”.

Criticism of trade unions

In the morning on Tuesday, the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, also tried to explain on Europe 1 the proposal of the outgoing president on the RSA. “The objective of this safety net is to enable French people to find their way back to employment. Do we consider that today, it works? Well no. I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t work”he said in particular.

“Take the beneficiaries of the RSA after seven years, only a third of them are employed. It is good that the device needs to be upgraded. Should it be done by stigmatizing the beneficiaries of the RSA? The answer is no. Should it be done by supporting them more? Indeed, by asking them for hours, in return, to train, to be in a position to find a job”insisted the close friend of the President of the Republic.

Following the presentation of Mr. Macron’s program, several unions denounced the philosophy of such a reform on the RSA. “This consists of saying – as for those deprived of jobs – that those who are unemployed, those who benefit from the RSA, do so for pleasure”had notably criticized the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez. “We have to find a job for them, a job that corresponds to their qualifications with a decent salary. There, we blame those who have difficulties in life, as if it was their fault or a personal choice.he continued.

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Same story for Laurent Escure, his UNSA counterpart, who shared on Twitter his “profound disagreement with Mr. Macron’s project”. “The poorest must be supported, not suspected or punished. Training should be provided, not imposed.he judged.

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