Emma García already speaks openly about the end to her husband

Emma Garcia know first hand what it feels like when your job is hanging on by a thread. A few months ago, Mediaset decided to cancel live the life and fired the Basque journalist. The audience crisis that has been plaguing the audiovisual group for months ended up directly affecting the presenter and the format she was presenting.

This experience helped him rethink his future and be clear that nothing lasts forever. Fully aware of the fleeting nature of television work, Emma has made a decision to better support her work as a presenter.

  1. Emma García communicates the decision she has made after being fired
  2. Emma García: "I'm ready"

Emma García communicates the decision she has made after being fired

Emma has long been one of the most popular presenters of Mediaset thanks to the different formats he has captained. From Next to youfins a Women and men and vice versa, all of them with great success among viewers. However, for some time now the situation of the audiovisual group is quite worrying. The hearings have not just gone back and Antenna 3 is gaining ground considerably, which has led to some notable changes a Mediaset.

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The presenter of party analyzed last Wednesday, October 12, how fleeting work on television can sometimes be. One day you're at the top and the next you're plummeting, as is the case with Carlos Lozano and other characters that have been disappearing.

Emma wanted to know if her collaborators were prepared to experience a similar situation and Miguel Ángel Nicolás affirmed that they were. "I think so, because I like to do things in front of and behind the camera," he explained, confessing to having a plan B.

Then it was the presenter who took the floor with a reflection that she shared with the audience. "You can go out on the street and people recognize you, but you know that it's part of your job to live in an unreal world. I always think that I don't know where I will be tomorrow and that keeps me alive; I have a wonderful personal life, which is super important," he pointed out.

Emma García: "I'm ready"

Emma has a long career and knows very well what it means to work in television. Audiences command and ultimately decide the future of media professionals. For the Basque journalist, there was a time when the indices began to separate her from her passion for her work. Emma enjoys being in front of the cameras, but confesses how being on the lookout for data pushed her over the edge.

Emma Garcia


"Since I started here I took it very seriously because suddenly you did a good job and you were the best and the next day you did a bad job and you were the worst. At that moment I said 'no, no, Emma, ​​this can't be because you will end up unbalanced'», he revealed to his colleagues.

The presenter of party he has understood how important it is to be able to disconnect from work, "take off my heels and say "this is you"". After the cancellation of live the lifeit is clear that she must feel prepared for any setback and, above all, for his withdrawal.

"I'm ready because I never know what I'll do tomorrow and I live in the present," she argued before the attentive gaze of the rest of the collaborators. To add some drama to the moment, Emma did not hesitate to joke. "But, listen, I want to continue, eh. I'm ready to work weekends and holidays", she finished smiling and making it clear that, at the moment, she doesn't plan to retire.

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