Emma García trembles when she discovers the demand that puts her new program at risk

Emma Garcia had a complicated afternoon last Sunday, October 9. It seems that the new program of the Basque presenter is being well received. The exclusives occur every weekend and with them appear controversies that ignite the collaborators.

A week ago, one of them revealed a secret that ended their marriage. Makoke spoke openly about an alleged blackmail he suffered Kiko Matamoros by a woman and some delicate photos, and the contributor has exploded.

  1. Emma García, shocked by the threat to her new program
  2. Emma García is speechless: "I think it's very serious"

Emma García, shocked by the threat to her new program

Emma Garcia he was speechless when a few days ago Makoke he confessed to a murky episode in his marriage to Matamoros. Although they have been separated for years, it seems that the former model refuses to put this story behind her and surprised with a revelation.

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He did it with complete naturalness, while the presenter could not open her eyes any more from the impact it produced on her. The collaborator of party she was talking about a crime of extortion suffered by who was her husband and Kiko didn't like that at all. "How strong, Makoke", Emma said in surprise, stunned by the ex-model's testimony.

The contributor already answered this question a save me deeply upset with his ex-wife and denying that this happened. However, he decided to go live last Sunday to make things even clearer.

Capture of Emma García and Makoke on the set of 'Fiesta'.

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Emma Garcia gave way to the call before the surprised look of the rest of the collaborators present on the set. The presenter had Makoke next to him and he knew that the tension could be felt in the atmosphere.

"Good afternoon, Kiko," Emma greeted him. "I don't want to talk to this lady," replied Matamoros when he learned that his ex-wife had been the first to greet him. It was clear that a delicate moment was approaching that needed to be managed in the best possible way.

Photo by Emma García

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The talk show wanted to deny the information that his ex had given and that he reiterated live that same day. The surprise was even greater when Emma heard the threat that put both her program and a Makoke.

Emma García is speechless: "I think it's very serious"

Emma Garcia he knew the call he was waiting to come in would raise a duster. The presenter always intervenes among the collaborators, but in the case of Matamoros and Makoke the tension was maximum.

The journalist already took care that they did not coincide when they both worked at live the lifebut this time he could not avoid the confrontation. The collaborator of save me I was very upset with the information that had been given in the program and I didn't want to let it go.

Close-up of Emma García presenting Viva la Vida

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"I'm calling to clarify the truth. I am surprised that a distorted version of what was once given is being given", he began by saying. "I have never been sexually extorted by anyone in my life. I have not had a relationship with this girl", he added.

Emma listened attentively to Matamoros' words without intending to interrupt him at any time. He then went on to make it clear that he would take legal action. "It seems very serious to me, there is an absolutely clear legal offense," he explained.

"Because it's a lie, and there's a newspaper archive where there's no allusion to extortion," he pointed out. "I will present to the court the evidence of the defamation of which I have been the subject," he said.

"The answer and Kiko's version is very clear", commented Emma with a very serious gesture when faced with her intention to sue. A new front opens for the program of the Basque presenter that will undoubtedly be followed with interest.

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