Emmanuel Macron calls not to trivialize Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour

Will the second round of the 2022 presidential election be a remake of 2017? While the momentum of Marine Le Pen (Rassemblement national, RN) is not eroding as the ballot scheduled for April 10 approaches, and she is getting closer to Emmanuel Macron in the voting intentions, the candidate president has targeted the far-right candidate, Thursday, March 31.

Traveling to Fouras (Charente-Maritime) to address climate issues, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from journalists on the progress of the RN candidate in the polls. “I don’t do fictional politics, but collectively I have heard less that she is far-right. We must continue to say what is the truth of the projects “said Mr. Macron after a walkabout in the city center. “If we say it’s a nice program, like the others, not extreme right, everything is fine”also declared Mr. Macron, assuring: “I will fight until the last second. »

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“I fight them with force but I do not trivialize them”

The candidate estimated, about Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, that“There is a tandem that is moving forward with far-right ideas, carried by a clan and a newcomer. I fight them with force but I do not trivialize them”. Before continuing: “Collectively, the political and media world has changed. Twenty years ago, the media said “it’s terrible, republican front, etc.” » ; and the Republican forces said “never”. There is no longer this reaction, it is no longer there. People have looked away, say “it’s more sympathetic”, have trivialized it… Me, I have never trivialized the National Front. I have always respected the voters who voted, but the solutions they propose I fight them with force. »

Marine Le Pen has chosen to focus her campaign on the theme of purchasing power, the number one concern of the French, while maintaining the fight against insecurity and immigration in the party’s DNA. Unlike 2017, where she was beaten in the second round by only winning 34% of the vote, Marine Le Pen could find a precious reserve of votes in the electorate of Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) and even in the most radical support for Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains), which stagnates around 10% of voting intentions.

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“We reap what we sow”rejoices for his part the director of cabinet of Marine Le Pen, Renaud Labaye. “The planets are aligned, we had a good campaign, very solid” while Emmanuel Macron “don’t want”he told AFP.

His assistant campaign manager, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, prides himself on having “I identified the issue of purchasing power very early on” and the fact “that people were unable to live from their work and their retirement”, according to remarks reported by AFP. Emmanuel Macron, with retirement at 65 and an RSA with obligations, advances “very harsh proposals for the French” and “contrary to what he had promised”.

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