Emmanuel Macron responds after Eric Zemmour’s meeting and evokes his “indignity”

The response of the person concerned, tinged with annoyance and a touch of humor, reflects the level of irritation of Emmanuel Macron, after the meeting of Eric Zemmour at the Trocadero. Traveling to Dijon (Côte-d’Or), the candidate president denounced, Monday, March 28, the“indignity” of Eric Zemmour, for his lack of reaction to “Macron murderer! »chanted on Sunday during the meeting of the far-right candidate.

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“There are two hypotheses: indignity, the more credible; the other, ignorance of a reform, 100% health. Hearing aids are reimbursed by Social Security, I invite the hard of hearing candidate to equip himself »replied Mr. Macron.

Mr. Zemmour is accused by some of the political staff of having let the crowd chant “Macron murderer! » during its meeting, Sunday, on the Trocadéro esplanade. The entourage of the Reconquest candidate! explained in the wake of the meeting that the latter had not ” not heard “ the slogan and that“he did not take up the expression on his own account”.

“At the podium, we do not hear everything that is said”, assures Eric Zemmour

Called to react on Monday to the remarks made by Emmanuel Macron about him at the microphone of BFM-TV, Eric Zemmour again denied not having heard the cries of the crowd, while he was at the desk and that these cries were recorded by the cameras and strained microphones. ” I just didn’t hear those words.he said. So, obviously, I don’t endorse them. (…) It’s a bad polemic, a pathetic polemic, because journalists and politicians don’t want to see the reality. (…) He [Emmanuel Macron] knows very well, he who has already done meetings, (…) that in the tribune we do not hear everything that is said. » As for the irony of the Head of State, who qualified the candidate of Reconquest! of “deaf candidate” and suggested to him “getting equipped”Mr. Zemmour denounced a “bathroom boy joke”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Rebellious France), also criticized the short sentence of the head of stateputting him back to back with the far-right candidate. “Macron calls Zemmour a ‘hearing-impaired candidate’. Definitely! Not one to catch up with the other! Insulting from a disability, are we still there in 2022? »he wondered on Twitter.

Asked precisely about the political divide with the far right, Mr. Macron estimated that there were only two main forces in the country: the ” progressive “ and the “populists”. “There is very clearly a political force that brings together, which is that of unity, for the unity of the country behind the values ​​of the Republic, with women and men who come from the left, from the center, from the right (…) and there is the far right, which is still there. And who, in front of us, is always carried by a clan and wants division “he declared to the press, during a tense microphone, in front of the multi-purpose high school Les Marcs d’or in Dijon, opposing his ” future project “ to his far-right competitors, who he says are “in nostalgia”.

He then introduced Le Pen and Eric Zemmour as one “tandem” : “The extreme right has its useful allies, who help them to unite. I understood that they were going to explain to us after the coherence of their tandem. Because it will end in tandem this case, that’s how it goes. »

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