Enrique Iglesias assumes that there is no solution and that she is not in good health

Enrique Iglesias lives intense weeks. After all the commotion related to the breakup of Tamara Falcó, the singer would be very aware of what is happening with his sister. Just like the rest of the marquise's family and friends.

With the infidelity transpiring in the national press, Tamara's close circle and herself immediately assumed that there would be no future with Iñigo. But the consequences that this would entail have not been few.

The day that Iñigo Onieva's betrayal came to light, the Marquise de Griñón took refuge in Isabel Preysler's house. There, he would find the support and help he needs most at the moment, among which would be Enrique Iglesias.

Carlos Falcó's daughter has suffered from health problems such as nervousness and anxiety. It must not be easy to deal with a problem of this caliber and that the entire population of a country has learned about on television. Still lucky that he had the support of his close circle, among them Enrique Iglesias.

However, during this last week, the marquise has been in the news again. But it has nothing to do with matters of the heart, but with something much more controversial.

The declarations of the marquise

Isabel Preysler's daughter traveled to Mexico City to attend the World Congress of Families 2022. An ultra-Catholic Congress where conservative Christians meet. Tamara is well known for her intense faith and Christianity.

There, the marquise uttered some words that few liked. Many have called the speech homophobic and full of hatred towards certain groups. Many famous people have been scandalized by the words spoken by Tamara Falcó, and it is not for less. In this way, many personalities have decided to denounce Tamara Falcó's speech through their social networks.

His controversial words showed that humanity is living complicated days at the moment. He blamed this on the different types of sexuality and the places where harm can be done.

Photos of the Marchioness with friends and family

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After that, many have taken their hands to their heads. Even Jorge Javier Vazquez addressed a few words to him during the program of save me. He was visibly affected and irritated.

"Speech like that of Tamara Falcó is harmful in a society that aspires to live in freedom. It's scary how she demonizes those who don't think like her. Tamara Falcó has been crowned as the strongest representative of black Spain", he said.

After all this, the sister of Enrique Iglesias has been forced to take letters in the matter. So he issued this statement hours after his tragic message.

She justified the accusations of homophobia, explaining that the word deviations referred to the behaviors of Iñigo Onieva, behaviors that she does not understand in her life.

Photo of Tamara Falcó in 'El Hormiguero'

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He clarifies that he does not want to talk about his breakup and that he only does it to justify the words, emphasizing that he does not want to incite hatred. Finally, he apologizes to the groups that have been affected.

However, for many it was not enough. So on to the show The Anteater he had to clarify everything again. Pablo Motos he was the first to bring up the subject and ask him directly and this was the aristocrat's answer.

"For me this is particularly difficult because it is taken out of context. Anyone who wants to watch the video, it's about nine minutes long. I don't even want to mention the person I was talking about."

"I was talking about my ex. I was explaining the reasons why I thought that today I could not have a family with him.'

Enrique Iglesias and his entire family would be very worried about everything that has happened to his beloved sister. But with the support of your family, you can get through anything.

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