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In Toulouse, Anne Hidalgo proclaims her “invincible hope” and targets Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Anne Hidalgo during her meeting in Toulouse, Saturday March 26.

At a meeting in Toulouse on Saturday afternoon, the socialist candidate notably promised to ” bringing justice “ to the French, assuring that the left could once again ” change the life “, while scratching Jean-Mélenchon, during his biggest meeting since the start of the campaign. Since he entered the campaign, his meetings have not exceeded 1,200 activists, sometimes due to the health crisis. But Saturday in Toulouse 2,200 people, according to his team, came to listen to the socialist candidate.

In the presence of the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga and the heads of parliamentarians Valérie Rabault (deputies) and Patrick Kanner (senators), the mayor of Paris thanked the activists for being “faithful to our invincible hope”despite the polls at half mast since the start of his campaign.

The candidate, who received the support of former President François Hollande on Tuesday at another meeting in Limoges, defended “the republican, secular left, the left of real reforms, social and ecological, the left of real changes”that “who has learned from his mistakes and even from his faults, and will have to continue to do so” and “which will have to become again the popular and inventive left that it should never have ceased to be”. She listed the big “social, societal and democratic conquests” from the left, as ” paid vacation “, ” abolition of the death sentence “ “35 hours” Where ” Marriage for everyone “. At each of these “advanced”activists chanted “it’s us, it’s us”. ” Yesshe hammered, we have changed the lives of the French. And yes, we can do it again”.

The mayor of Paris also attacked the record of the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron. “In 2017, there could be a doubt. In 2022, after these 5 years, and especially after the announcement of its social breakage program, there can be no more! Emmanuel Macron is neither left nor left, he is right and right! »she launched, before also attacking Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Mélenchon is a dead end! »she said, asking “What city, what department, what region has his movement won with its sectarianism and its excesses? ».

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