Eric Zemmour plans for the first time to be a legislative candidate

Eric Zemmour at a meeting in Metz, March 18, 2022.

Eric Zemmour has undertaken to gently prepare his troops for a probable defeat in the presidential election, he now sees himself as possible “Leader of the Opposition”, while trying to maintain that he will be present in the second round. Perilous exercise: it is always difficult, when one wanted “overturn the table”, to be satisfied with a stool. The return to earth is likely to be complicated, and the preparation of the legislative elections could turn into a headache.

“I will be in the second roundtweeted the former journalist, Tuesday, April 5. Then I will be either President of the Republic or Leader of the Opposition. » Or more likely a simple legislative candidate. The word escaped him on Tuesday during the program “Elysée 2022”, on France 2, when the journalist Léa Salamé asked him if he would be a candidate for the legislative elections. “I will be a candidate, replied Eric Zemmour, who quickly recovered. But I will be in the second round and I will be elected, I will not abandon the people who trust me. »

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He hit the nail on Wednesday morning on France Inter, assured that he did not believe in the polls “who have always been wrong since 1995” – the “hidden vote” thesis has long reassured activists. “I believe that the political dynamic is on my sidereassured the far-right candidate. All the objective elements, the full halls, the enthusiasm, the television audiences, the number of members, all that, that’s me. »

Still, the Coué method has its limits, and the campaign team understood that the adventure risked being cut short. The ninth wave of the Ipsos-Sopra Steria survey for The world, published on Wednesday, credits him with barely 10% of the voting intentions, certainly ahead of Valérie Pécresse, but very far behind Marine Le Pen (21.5%). A great political council must be held Friday afternoon at the headquarters of Reconquest! to think about the different options on the evening of the first round.

“Reconciliation of Rights”

Should we call to vote for Marine Le Pen, in the event that she qualifies against Emmanuel Macron? Try to negotiate an electoral alliance for the legislative elections? “The objective is that Emmanuel Macron does not become president againassures Jean-Frédéric Poisson, the president of the People’s Way (VIA), one of the components of the Zemmour nebula. It is not possible to remain neutral, that is my position. We must call to vote against Macron, not call to vote Le Pen – there is a distinction. » In 2017, he was one of the few on the right who refused to choose, “but we have since seen what Macron was”.

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