Eric Zemmour takes a step further in radicalism by proposing a ministry “of remigration”

Eric Zemmour during his meeting in Metz, March 18, 2022.

Less than three weeks before the first round of the election, and while it is given a sharp drop in opinion polls, Eric Zemmour pleaded for a new radical measure, Monday March 21 on M6, by proposing a “ministry of immigration”.

If elected, the candidate Reconquest! promise to “start a million” foreigners in five years, thanks to “charters”and to see “with the leaders of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia how can we organize this” . Mr. Zemmour is particularly targeting “illegals, foreign delinquents and criminals and foreign S files”and claims a “measure of consistency and firmness”.

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The only candidate in the presidential election to take up the far-right conspiracy theory of the supposed “great replacement” of European populations by non-European immigrants, he endorses with the “migration” a new demand from the radical far right and the writer Renaud Camus. This expression did not appear in its initial program.

“Demagogic Proposals”

“These are demagogic proposalscriticized Tuesday morning on France 2 the interim president of the National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella. The ministry in charge of managing immigration is called the Ministry of the Interior. » In her program, the RN candidate, Marine Le Pen, does not envisage such a ministry, but plans to expel the same categories cited by Eric Zemmour: illegal immigrants, foreign delinquents and criminals and foreign S files. While the RN candidate mainly focuses her campaign on the issue of purchasing power, the main concern of the French, Eric Zemmour maintains his strategy of radical anti-immigration. At a meeting in Metz on Friday, he tried to remobilize his troops ” against all odds “pointing to Marine Le Pen, presented as “the eternal loser” who would do the ” short scale “ to Emmanuel Macron.

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The populist candidate also took up the theme of “one against all”. “We are ready to save the truth to save France, whatever our adversaries say, he warned. We will never hide a truth to please journalists or pollsters. They will not make the law! » To try to relaunch his campaign in the last line, the former columnist of CNews is organizing a meeting on Sunday March 27 on the Place du Trocadéro in Paris. At the very place where the candidate LR François Fillon, weakened by business, had tried to relaunch his own in 2017.

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