EU promises more sanctions against Moscow after discovery of corpses in Kyiv region
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The context

  • The withdrawal of the Russian army from the kyiv region reveals a devastated Ukraine and scenes of desolation. AT Butcha, in particular, the bodies of about twenty men were discovered lying in a street, scattered over several hundred meters. In total, the bodies of 410 civilians have so far been found in the territories of the Kyiv region.
  • The news sparked outrage from Westerners and the United Nations, with accusations of war crimes against Russia mounting. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zemensky, directly accused the Russian leadership of “torture” and of “murders”. For its part, Moscow denies and asks for a debate in the Security Council of the United Nations.
  • The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, promised “more penalties” for Russia, and more aid for Ukraine, in a tweet on Sunday. “We will decide on new measures between Allies in the coming days”advanced for his part the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, assuring that “President Putin and his supporters will suffer the consequences”.
  • A series of explosions rocked Sunday morning Odessa, main port of Ukraine, on the Black Sea. Russia announced that it had carried out strikes by “high precision sea and land missiles” who, according to her, “destroyed a refinery and three storage sites for fuels and lubricants” near Odessa.
  • At least seven people were killed and 34 injured in a Russian strike Sunday on a residential area in Kharkov, a large city in northeastern Ukraine, announced the local prosecutor’s office. In eastern Ukraine, a Russian strike on a hospital in Rubizhne left one dead and three injured, according to the governor of the region.
  • Pope Francis said to himself ” available “ to facilitate conflict resolution. He confirmed that a trip to Kyiv was among the options. “I don’t know if it can take place, or if it would be useful”, he admitted, however. And he claimed a meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill – who backs Vladimir Putin and in late February justified Russian military intervention – was still pending. ” in the study “.
  • Russian forces opened fire on Sunday to break up a protest against their presence in Kakhovkaan occupied city in southern Ukraine, causing an unknown number of injuries, said Lioudmyla Denisova, human rights officer at the Ukrainian parliament.
  • Russia’s chief negotiator in peace talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Medinsky, hailed a position on Sunday “more realistic”according to him, from kyiv, ready under conditions to accept a neutral status for the country, demanded by Moscow.

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