Eva González receives the photo of the kiss and confirms what she had suspected for a long time

Eva Gonzalez she is characterized by being charismatic and very close to her friends and co-workers and always wishes them the best. This is what has happened with his friend Pablo López.

The Andalusian has taken the lead to present the edition of The voice. She is joined by the jury composed of Luis Fonsi, Laura Pausini, Antonio Orozco and Pablo López. In fact, the latter has been the exclusive of this week; the singer has been caught very affectionate with his new girl: Laura Rubio, ex-contestant of The voice in 2017.

It seems that the musician is in love and it seems that it is nothing new. Pau and Laura have been dating for two years. It has been the team of the magazine Hello! who has confirmed the relationship and that they are still in love. They have been caught in the stands of the Santiago Bernabéu kissing passionately, indifferent to the looks of others. The couple attended the match that took place in the capital last Wednesday, facing the Real Madrid against Shakhtar Donetsk.

There, they were captured by the cameras, with gestures that showed a lot of affection and love. A surprising thing given that both have been very discreet about their relationship, although it was about time they showed their love story freely. It was a secret in the public domain, although neither has yet shared any photos via social media.

Eva González presented 'La Voz 2020'


And it's that their history has come and gone, recently the friend ofEva Gonzalez with his ex, journalist Claudia Nieto, attending a tennis match. Everything indicated that they were giving themselves a second chance, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Some time later they put an end to their love story and went their separate ways. In particular, Pablo with his new girlfriend Laura, who bet to be together again. The singer is very tight-lipped about his private life and little information has emerged about his personal relationships. It has been linked to the little oneBlanca Suárez or Miriam Rodriguez.

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Eva González, a close friend of the singer

Eva Gonzalez she is a close friend of the singer. Both are work colleagues and have agreed on some project together. For example, in the previous edition of The Voice Kidsthe interpreter ofThe yard he joined the team of coaches. A season in which the chemistry between the program's components has been surpassed.

As a promotion of the program, Eva Gonzalez he passed by the sets of other shows. A word of mouth, the presenter had some very nice words for her friend Pablo. "He exudes all the tenderness, all the love... I think he's ready to be 'daddy'," said the Andalusian. "Whoa, that's a headline, that's a headline," replied Roberto Leal.

Close-up of Eva González smiling


In addition, he had other words of gratitude and admiration for his colleague and musician. And the friendship that exists between the two of them goes beyond the cameras, they get along wonderfully. "I am privileged to be able to see him up close every day of my life. I love all of his songs and am lucky enough to be part of many of his creative processes. He's a great guy, he's a genius, a bohemian, a dreamer and he loves music and breathes sensitivity." Some words that made López blush, who didn't expect someone to send him such a beautiful message.

The new season of The voice it started a week ago. There is still a whole new edition to enjoy the music and new talents.

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