Fabiola Martínez reveals who the real father of her children is and where he lives

Fabiola Martínez i Bertin Osborne they broke up two years ago. Since then, the press has taken advantage of any indication to discredit their romantic relationship. But now, Fabiola has a lot to say.

The father of his children, Bertín, has supported him despite having cut. A fact that is understandable, since they both have two children in common. One of fifteen, Norberto, and another of fourteen, Carlos.

Since the breakup, Bertin Osborne he would have focused a lot on himself. And the fact is that the singer has experienced a physical change that has not left anyone indifferent. And he posted it on his social networks to show off.

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez presenting the +Family initiative


A photo that got a lot of reactions and comments. Bertín has become a completely different man, so much so that even Fabiola Martínez has spoken out on the subject.

But beyond that, it has been his daughter who has also spoken about this abysmal change. Eugenia Osborne was interviewed on the news portal Gtres at the Warner Park Halloween Party, a Madrid.

  1. The singer, fitter than ever
  2. Fabiola Martínez after the breakup

The singer, fitter than ever

The businessman admitted that he had lost about 10 kilos. And many have wondered how it was possible for this to happen. But, according to what he said at the Asociación de Correspondences de Prensa Extranjera awards, he has not followed "any magic recipe".

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He is clear about how he achieved this great change: "Work hard, lead a healthy life, do a lot of sport and take vitamins". Something that seems quite easy and that anyone would be able to achieve.

And about this, Eugenia Osborne, the musician's daughter, has spoken: "It feels phenomenal, better than ever". Both he and Fabiola Martinez would have gone through a little bad streak after having to end their relationship.

Image of Bertín Osborne and his daughter Eugenia Osborne


Everything seems to indicate that the singer has concentrated exclusively on sculpting his body. A fairly common thing when you experience a bad moment in the personal sphere. Exercise is always good medicine.

Although Eugenia has made it clear that the presenter of My house is yours it hasn't been that bad. "I see him more mature, more familiar, he is more with us and calmer. The truth is that when you separate it's the opposite, but not in his case", he said.

Fabiola Martínez after the breakup

As we mentioned, Fabiola Martínez and the presenter went their separate ways two years ago now. Since then, both have taken this new stage in their lives quite well.

As Fabiola explained in an interview with the magazine Hello!the relationship he maintains with his ex is purely formal. "The normal of a separated couple and parents of children".

"With the normal messages. The communications are always in reference to them and... Little else," he pointed out.

And he also spoke about the famous supermuscular photo of Bertín. Of course, always with a lot of humor, something that characterizes her. "I imagine that he will have said 'I'm in the market, I have to put my batteries in'".

Photograph of Fabiola Martínez in a photocall.


The Venezuelan says she feels phenomenal. She is more focused than ever with work. The businesswoman combines her work at the Foundation, on TV, in fashion and her work in Communication and Marketing.

She now depends entirely on herself financially to support herself. So you don't have to neglect your professional and work side.

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