Faced with accusations of killing civilians in Ukraine, the Russian side cries out for the stage

Unsurprisingly, the Russian side reacted by outbidding the accusations addressed to Moscow on exactions and executions of civilians attributed to Russian troops in several localities north of kyiv. As early as Sunday April 3, Moscow demanded an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss “the provocation of the Ukrainian radicals”. The Investigative Committee, a powerful judicial body attached to the Kremlin, has called for an investigation into the “deliberate dissemination by Ukraine of false information”. The Russian authorities have said they reject “categorically” these accusations, also likening them to “fakes” and referring to the explanations of “professionals” of the Ministry of Defence.

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He was the first to react, Sunday during the day, relaying the explanations of a semi-official organization called “War against fakes”. First argument put forward: the videos broadcast over the weekend would show corpses that were not perfectly still – one would move his hand, the other would straighten up to sit down after the passage of the camera.

This argument was quickly dismantled (we speak in particular of a hand which was in fact a stain on a windshield) and abandoned. The official line of the Russian military command is now to question the time between the exit of Russian soldiers from localities north of kyiv – officially on March 30 – and the appearance of the first images and accusations against Moscow. In fact, the first videos, those showing corpses scattered in the middle of the street in Boutcha, appeared online on 1er April, on a Telegram group of residents of Irpine.

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“Informational Terrorism”

The other problem with this account is that the Russian army television, Zvezda, was still showing the 1er april russian units “successfully containing the opposing forces in a Hostomel-Boutcha-Ozera line”. For its part, the official Russian agency Interfax quoted, on the same date, a naval infantry officer indicating that the Russian forces were conducting the ” cleaning “ of several localities in the kyiv region (not mentioned) with the aim of ” to strenghten “.

” Provocation “ Where “fake”, the words vary according to the articles in the Russian press, which without dwelling on the testimonies from Boutcha or Irpine strongly refutes them. On television on Sunday evening, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, spoke of a “informational terrorism” and linked this ” provocation “ as needed “look away” after the publication by Russia of “irrefutable new documents” about the “biological laboratories” in which the United States would have developed bacteriological weapons on Ukrainian soil. “Who are the masters of provocation? Obviously the United States and NATO,” insisted Maria Zakharova.

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