Fidel Albiac, pained to discover what happened when he learned that they could not have children

Many years ago Fidel Albiac he keeps a secret that his wife has just brought to light: José's hidden face Ortega Cano. The bullfighter and Rocío Jurado tried to have biological children and, when they discovered that they could not, he made a very harsh comment to her. "Do you remember when you made my mother suffer and said she couldn't give you children because she was your mother's age?", asked Rociíto.

Fidel Albiac is very upset with the bullfighter, since he has been pretending for too long an image that does not correspond to reality. Supposedly, or this is what Carrasco explains, he behaved irregularly with 'La más grande'. He was obsessed with being a father, and when he realized he couldn't, he lashed out mercilessly at his wife.

Editing by Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano


Fidel is proud of Rociíto because he has made things clear to him Ortega Canosent him a pretty strong message. "Respect women because virility is not in the semen, it is found in the respect you have for women". The daughter of 'La más grande' considers that the bullfighter has been unfair and assures that he did not take well the fact of not having biological offspring.

Fidel knows better than anyone what the husband ofAna Maria Aldón to intimacy, since he has spent a lot of time by his side. They had a row at the hospital because Ortega accused Rociíto of "killing" Rocío Jurado. The lawyer warned him and advised him to be more careful, because if he wasn't, the situation would be more serious.

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Albiac is the only one who can boast that he has always been by Carrasco's side, he has never betrayed him and he has always been loyal to him. He can afford to talk about the Mohedano family and the widower of Rocío Jurado, but he prefers to remain silent. the ex ofAntonio David Flores he knows that this is a task that belongs to him, so he has taken action.

  1. Fidel Albiac always distrusted the family
  2. Fidel Albiac is already saved

Fidel Albiac always distrusted the family

Fidel is a lawyer, has extensive training and knows perfectly well when to be careful, which is why he recognized the Mohedanos. He always knew that when 'La más grande' died they would cause trouble, so he was reluctant to deal with them. What he didn't imagine was that José Ortega Cano join the clan to charge against his wife.

Close-up of Fidel Albiac very smiling and happy


Albiac has discovered that his wife has sufficient arguments to silence Ortega, which is why he has brought the matter of the children to light. She says the bullfighter made fun of Jurado's age because she was too old and couldn't get pregnant. Supposedly he was fixated on having heirs, that's why he put so much pressure on him.

Ana Maria Aldón she is very surprised, she did not expect the good press her husband had to end so suddenly. There are many journalists who have turned their backs on him because they consider that his behavior is not the most appropriate. He wants to leave the media, but he keeps giving interviews that only do more damage to his reputation.

Fidel Albiac is already saved

Fidel knows that Rociíto has made it clear in the new episode of his program. The singer's daughter has raised her voice to say: "I am not influenced by my husband". Ortega insinuates the opposite in order to find a culprit, but the only one responsible for the war, in Carrasco's eyes, is him.

Albiac can be calm, since in the last months his image has improved a lot. His detractors had made him an outsider, but now he enjoys a good image and viewers who follow in his footsteps. He has won the battle in a very clever way: by making good use of his silence.

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