Fight between life and death

The world of television is in shock after learning of the dire situation in which it finds itself Loli Navarroone of the protagonists of the program Gypsy Kingswhich has aired for 7 seasons a Mediaset. Navarro, who debates between life and death, is the wife of Joaquínknown in the series as 'The Lender'.

Loli Navarro is part of the Fernández Navarro family, protagonists of this series since the first season. At the moment he is in a serious condition and, worst of all, the family is convinced that it is all due to medical negligence.

It all started, according to the family, when a certain Soraya convinced Loli to undergo cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Soraya is the marketing director of a private clinic in this country and offered to do liposuction.

Photo by Loli Navarro

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Loli Navarro underwent a dangerous intervention in Turkey

During this intervention, things got complicated and Loli Navarro got seriously worse, her respiratory system began to fail and she had to be admitted urgently. According to the family, the situation is very serious and Loli is debating between life and death.

The family is clear that everything is due to medical negligence on the part of the Turkish clinic. In addition, they report that the manager of this clinic, Sorayadoes not answer their calls. Their situation is desperate, since what they want is to get Loli out of the hospital where she is admitted, but they can't.

As if that wasn't enough, the situation is further complicated by the language, as they need a translator to understand the little information they are given about Loli. They report that Loli is "abandoned" and that the situation is totally unsustainable.

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The family of Loli Navarro, who have announced that in the last few hours his condition has improved slightly, are asking that this type of Turkish clinic close, since there have recently been several cases of possible negligence in cosmetic operations carried out in this country

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