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Gabriel Attal attacks Marine Le Pen on his diplomatic line with Russia and appeals to voters on the left

In an interview with the magazine The Obs, the government spokesman and supporter of Emmanuel Macron Gabriel Attal attacks the project of Marine Le Pen, which is on the rise in the polls, denouncing in particular his pro-Russian positions. It is also aimed at left-wing voters.

According to the same argument as that put forward last week by the President of the Republic, he notably sends the two far-right candidates back to back, considering that Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour form “a tandem”.

“While war is upon us and we discover mass graves on European soil, I believe that the French will not want to entrust the country, its place in the world, its diplomacy and its army, to a candidate or a candidate pro-Putin and opposed to the European Union”says Mr. Attal.

He adds that “when we look at the four candidates today above 10% [dans les sondages, Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon et Eric Zemmour] three defend the alliance with Putin! “. In contrast, the government spokesperson defends the “absolute clarity of the outgoing president.

As for Marine Le Pen, given as Emmanuel Macron’s main challenger, as in 2017 but with a tighter grip, he adds: “She hasn’t changed since 2014, when she said the annexation of Crimea was not illegal. She will follow Putin to the end. After all, he was the one who saved his party, which is still in debt with a Russian bank.”an allusion to the fact that the RN continues to repay a loan of around 9 million euros to a Russian creditor, contracted in 2014. He continues:

She proposes “an alliance” with Russia (…) Despite the massacres, she persists. She said recently that after the war, Putin was going to become again not a partner but “an ally” (…) For Marine Le Pen, Putin’s war crimes are a “detail of history” to resume a formula dear to his political family.

Regarding Mr. Mélenchon, given as the third candidate in the ballot in the voting projections, Mr. Attal believes that the lack of clarity of his diplomatic line with Russia shows how “he is the specialist in turnovers”like “he had shown it on the Republic, on secularism”.

If the two opponents of Mr. Macron pose as candidate defenders of purchasing power, Gabriel Attal believes that this “they propose on energy prices, it is worse than what [le gouvernement] do[t] already today”.

After defending Mr Macron’s record and proposals, he then reaches out to voters on the left, saying “I’m already telling them: take a closer look at our program (…) I’m also telling them that we already have experience of what the extreme right has been in power in the world”. “The left-wing parties spend their time opposing the President of the Republic. But when do they fight the extreme right? »he concludes.

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