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Valérie Pécresse wants to modify the constitution to “restore order”

Mandatory minimum sentences, extension of the referendum, constitutional shield: Valérie Pécresse explained this morning how she intended, if she was elected President of the Republic on April 24, to modify the Constitution to “restore order in France”. The Republican presidential candidate presented a “constitutional bill” that she counts “present in the first hundred days” of his mandate.

“If I am a candidate for the presidency, it is to put an end to the public impotence that we have suffered for ten years, which nourishes extremes, which keeps the French people away from the ballot box”she assured at a press conference.

lamenting “a climate of total irresponsibility of the candidates”the candidate, given fourth or fifth in the polls, hammered: “We are the strong and just right, which is ready, concrete, credible. »

One of the key measures of this text, which develops proposals already mentioned in its campaign, is the establishment of “mandatory minimum sentences” for certain particularly serious offenses and attacks on police officers or elected officials. She also wants to add in article 1er “which should be obvious”, according to her : “No one can take advantage of his religious convictions or his origin to evade the laws of the Republic. »

In terms of immigration, Valérie Pécresse has “set maximum quotas of residence permits by country and by profession”. A charter, attached to the text of the law, details several other measures, in particular on asylum applications which “will be instructed before the applicants have entered France” or on the “end of automatic ground law”.

In terms of public finances, the review provides for“apply the golden rule of balanced budgets” (to have permanently balanced accounts).

Finally, the text provides, while emphasizing the “necessary participation of the Republic in the European Union”a “safeguard clause of the fundamental interests and the constitutional identity of the Nation” – directly inspired by “constitutional shield” mentioned by Michel Barnier at the time of the LR congress, and which had caused a stir in Europe. International Treaties “cannot, through the play of case law, threaten our fundamental interests”said Pécresse, deploring interpretations sometimes “erroneous” European texts.

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