For Anne Hidalgo, “public schools will be the poor relation of the Republic” if Emmanuel Macron is elected; Yannick Jadot pleads for “a gradual exit from nuclear power”

Eric Zemmour announces that in the event of defeat – which he does not envisage – in the presidential election, he would be a candidate in the legislative elections

Eric Zemmour begins his intervention on Elysée 2022 by considering that“there were only two campaigns” : his own and that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. As for Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour believes that if he had – still – been a political columnist, he “would have written that she did not campaign”even if the candidate of the National Rally is much better placed than him to reach the second round in the opinion polls.

The journalist Léa Salamé then asks him the question of the expression “Macron murderer! », chanted by part of the public of Eric Zemmour during his meeting on the Place du Trocadéro, in Paris. If he keeps not ” have heard ” at the time these cries, Eric Zemmour affirms ” to understand “ the reaction of his supporters. “Emmanuel Macron does not protect his people against incessant attacks, against attacks”he said. “I am brutal because reality is brutal (…) the French people are in mortal danger, in danger of being replaced by another population”then comments Eric Zemmour, for whom the situation requires “firmness” that he says he wants to embody.

Léa Salamé then asks him if his strategy, more radical than Marine Le Pen, would not have finally contributed to refocusing the positions of the candidate of the National Rally. “Marine Le Pen will be re-demonized on Sunday evening at 8 p.m. if she is in the second round. I know the anti-fascist theatre, as Lionel Jospin used to say. It’s all circus.”says the Reconquest candidate!

Eric Zemmour offers himself as a “vital vote” unlike the “useful vote” to beat Emmanuel Macron. He insists on the fact that, if he reaches the second round, he would be the only one able to bring together elected representatives of the Republicans and the National Rally to form a government in the event of victory. “I will be in the second round and I will be elected”he wishes to clarify, but, in the event of defeat, he announces that he would be a candidate for the legislative elections – “I will not abandon the people who trusted me”he finishes.

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