Fran Medina confirms that she has hidden the news of her new boyfriend because she doesn't trust him

This summer the identity of a man who seemed to be the new love of Pau Padilla. He is a professional photographer and Civil Guard. And it is that the magazine week he caught Pau Padilla kissing him very passionately.

Thus, this summer Paz enjoyed a very romantic vacation with Fran Medina, the name of her new illusion. The couple was in a swamp in a closed area in Madridas the magazine also revealed week.

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The civil guard and Pau Padilla they met because of his work as a photographer. In fact, the celebrity fully trusts him when it comes to taking photos for magazines. In the last report for Hello!the photographer and Pau Padilla they worked together on the presentation of No, nothing.

No, nothing is the project he shares Pau Padilla with his daughter Anna Ferrer. And it is that this Andalusian expression gives its name to the famous store of the famous and her firstborn in Zahara de los Atunes. Thus, Paz pays tribute to Cadiz, the place where he was born.

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  1. Paz Padilla recovers the illusion
  2. Paz Padilla's daughter has not commented on the new relationship

Paz Padilla recovers the illusion

Unfortunately, Antonio Vidal, Padilla's last known partner, died in July 2020 from cancer. And the fact is that, after 2 years since her husband's death, Paz seems determined to rebuild her life. And it is that the story of Pau Padilla and Vidal was one of the most romantic anecdotes told on television.

Antonio Vidal and Pau Padilla they met when they were teenagers. Paz was just 14 years old and it was the first relationship for both of them. Although 20 years passed after their breakup in youth, they met again. During the period she was not with Vidal, Paz had her only child, Anna, with Albert Ferrer.

Photo of Paz Padilla with her daughter Anna Ferrer


The daughter of Pau Padillawho is already 25 years old, confirmed her breakup with Iván Martín in the magazine week in April After three years of relationship, it seems that the girl has found a new illusion. It is about a boy named Marcos with whom she has been seen on several occasions these days.

Anna Ferrer, first born of Pau Padillais a fairly recognized 'influencer', with almost 800,000 followers a Instagram. And the fact is that the young woman shows a large part of life in this social community. However, Anna has yet to share any posts with this new guy on her account.

Paz Padilla's daughter has not commented on the new relationship

The aforementioned magazine will very soon reveal the details of this new relationship of the daughter of Pau Padilla. Anna Ferrer recently spoke about how to overcome a love breakup.

"When you are with someone you imagine a whole future life with that person and assume that your future will not be as you expected... Life is like that, capricious and unexpected, everything can change from one day to the next , not just because of a breakup. You need to work on this 'resilience' and adapt to change. I think, if it wasn't meant to be, it's because of something...", confessed Padilla's daughter.

Perhaps it is because of love insecurity the reason why the first born of Pau Padilla he has not yet wanted to share the secret of his new relationship.

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