France had its coldest night for the month of April since 1947

A winegrower checks the anti-frost candles that protect the buds, in a vineyard in Chablis, Burgundy, Monday April 4, 2022.

It hadn’t happened for seventy-five years. The night of Sunday April 3 to Monday April 4 recorded the lowest temperatures for the month of April since 1947, Météo-France announced on Monday. “The frost affected more than 90% of the country and was more or less intense depending on the area.told Agence France Presse (AFP) Météo-France forecaster Patrick Galois, there was a rapid drop in temperatures overnight but it is warming up quickly. »

The public establishment specified that records have been broken, in particular in Mourmelon (Marne, − 9.3 ° C), in Châteauroux (Indre, − 5.6 ° C) or even in Vannes (Morbihan, − 3.2 °C) and that the last measurements were being verified. “As soon as the sun rises, temperatures will rise and should be positive almost everywhere around 10 a.m.”added Mr. Galois.

According to Météo-France, the layer of very fresh, very thin air will dissipate quickly with the appearance of the sun and requires relatively little energy to be reduced. The weather forecasting body also stressed that it should be the last cold night for the coming weeks.

In anticipation of this particularly cold night, the operator of the RTE electricity network had alerted to a potential tense situation on Monday morning, calling on businesses and individuals to curb consumption, especially between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. Consumption was finally a little less than expected, with no cuts to be deplored, said RTE in the morning.

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Arborists particularly affected

Christiane Lambert, the president of the first French agricultural union, the FNSEA, expressed her concern on Monday morning. “There are many regions affected, such as Dordogne, Burgundy, Alsace, Centre-Val de Loire, Lot-et-Garonne, Maine-et-Loire”she clarified. “It will take support” of the state, because there is “of the calamity to be declared. We cannot yet take stock, because the damage, we see it when it thaws ”.

In the agricultural world, winegrowers and market gardeners, in particular, have tried to best protect the buds, and therefore future harvests, which are extremely sensitive to these spring frosts.

Vine buds covered in ice, in a vineyard near Chablis, Burgundy, Monday April 4, 202.

“It’s really the arboriculturists, given the state of progress of the orchards, who will be very strongly impacted. I am thinking of the plum, I am thinking of the mirabelle plum, I am thinking of all the stone fruits and the apple in these sectors,” added Jérôme Despey, secretary general of the FNSEA. He clarified that “for the vines in those regions, there was less precocity, there were still a lot of buds that hadn’t hatched. Where there are two or three leaves spread out, there will be severe frosts, but it is difficult at this time, when everyone is still struggling, to have a precise point..

“What would seem to have been spared at this stage is more the Mediterranean and a bit of the Rhône valley thanks to the mistral and temperatures that were between 0°C, 1°C. We will have to wait to see if there is not some damage, I think in particular on these plots which are in the shallows. Around 11 a.m. or noon, we will see more of the extent of the damage.summarized Mr. Despey.

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