France wants to coordinate a “humanitarian operation” in Mariupol with Turkey and Greece; more than 7,300 people evacuated today via humanitarian corridors
The situation on the map

The context

  • More than a month after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Mariupol is still besieged by Vladimir Putin’s army. The town hall asks for help while residents “start to starve”. They would be, according to Volodymyr Zelensky, nearly 100,000 to be stuck in the city. Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, assured Thursday that his forces had taken the town hall, before going back on his remarks and admitting that it was only an administrative building on the outskirts of the city .
  • The offensive continues elsewhere in the countryafter deadly strikes on Thursday in Kharkiv, the country’s second city, and in Luhansk, and accusations by the Ukrainians of the use of phosphorus bombs in Rubizhne by the Russians.
  • AT Kyiv, dozens of people fled the fighting on Thursday in an area that Ukraine claims to have recaptured from Russia. Ukrainian forces are conducting “effective and limited counterattacks to relieve the pressure on kyiv”although on a smaller scale than Ukrainian officials claim, according to the Institute for the Study of War in its latest daily report on Thursday.
  • US President Joe Biden travels to Poland on Friday, in a town near the Ukrainian border. This visit comes following an extraordinary diplomatic marathon in Brussels, where Mr Biden has taken part in numerous summits – from NATO, the G7, the European Union – to extol Western unity in his response to Russia.
  • Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyurged NATO to provide his country “unrestricted military aid”. The Atlantic Alliance has announced that it will supply Ukraine protective equipment against chemical, biological and nuclear threats and will also protect its forces deployed on the eastern flank of Europe against these threats.
  • More than 3.5 million people fled Ukraine since the start of the war, according to the United Nations tally published on Tuesday.

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