François de Rugy, former minister and president of the National Assembly, announces that he is leaving national political life

François de Rugy, March 4, 2022, in Nantes.

The former President of the National Assembly and Minister for Ecological Transition, François de Rugy, announced on Friday March 25 that he would leave political life in an interview with the magazine Fundamental. He remains regional councilor for Pays de la Loire and now intends “to act in economic life” even “to invest in civic life through an association or a think tank”.

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The former minister says “always agree with the direction” of Emmanuel Macron’s action and slips that he retains from his experience in government the fact that“we must not be satisfied with symbols”because “the politics of symbols is the death of ecology” and “over the long term, disappointment is guaranteed”.

He criticizes in passing Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, of which he is a former member and which, according to him, “ don’t believe[it ]not “ to the possibility of“Insert ecology into progressivism and trust science” and is “on the defensive when talking about technological innovations to solve ecological challenges”.

François de Rugy considers himself “cleared” of business on his expenses

“It is healthy in a democracy that functions are limited in time”justifies the deputy La République en Marche for Loire-Atlantique, who will not stand for re-election in the legislative elections next June, after a combination of twenty years of various successive mandates.

“I still love politics and I am not disgusted by it even if I have paid dearly and unfairly for my commitment and the exercise of responsibilities”he assures, in reference to his resignation in July 2019 from his post as Minister of Ecological Transition after revelations from Mediapart concerning his lavish lifestyle, photos of lobsters and champagne in support.

If this affair does not explain his choice, he considers that what he has “suffered raises questions about the evolution of democracy”. “By dint of attacking elected officials, attacking them as soon as they are designated by the vote, we lose sight of their essential usefulness and the meaning of representative democracy. We demolish, we smear, we disqualify rather than counter-arguing »he regrets. “This climate favors, in power, communication rather than action, demagoguery rather than substantive treatment”he adds.

esteeming “bleached” by the investigations of the government and the Assembly concerning the amount of work in his official accommodation at the ministry, and the sumptuous dinners when he presided over the National Assembly, François de Rugy had however undertaken to reimburse three of these dinners judged by a “manifestly excessive level” by investigation.

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