Gabriel Attal pleads for “parsimony” in the use of consulting firms, a tax household outside marriage and civil unions… Political news of the day

The world keeps the synopsis of the campaign for the presidential election of 2022: a daily update, published at 7 p.m., analyzes the political events of the past day and discusses the appointments to come.

News of the day: government spokesperson calls for “parsimony” in the use of consulting firms

It is a parliamentary report that keeps getting talked about. The executive continues, in fact, to be questioned about its use of the services of consulting firms, which exceeded one billion euros in 2021, according to a report made public on Thursday March 17 by the Senate.

The latter reveals in particular that the American consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which the government used for several services during the health crisis, has not paid any corporate tax in France for ten years.

Emmanuel Macron’s opponents – Valérie Pécresse, Eric Zemmour, Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel, in particular – thus denounced as soon as the figures one were published. “State and tax scandal”and summoned the outgoing head of state to explain himself.

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Government spokesman Gabriel Attal acknowledged on Franceinfo on Friday that ” a raise “ recourse by the State to expert firms. “Does that mean that we consider that recourse to experts can or must be done without a framework? Of course notdid he declare. The President of the Republic had the opportunity to recall it. It has to be done sparingly. »

“It shocks me like everyone else”had reacted the president candidate Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday evening on M6, about the non-payment of corporate tax in France by McKinsey. “The tax administration will look [si le cabinet de conseil a respecté les règles fiscales en vigueur] ; if he has defrauded, he will pay them”he added.

On Friday, the Senate commission of inquiry announced that it had taken legal action for a suspicion of false testimony concerning the hearing in January of Karim Tadjeddine, one of the associate directors of McKinsey, on the tax practices of his firm.

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Aurel’s drawing: the electoral dynamics of the “sagacious tortoise” Mélenchon

Aurel for

Every Friday, cartoonist Aurel gives us his view of the presidential campaign. This week, he looks back on the strategy of “effective voting” put forward by the candidate of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. While his rating is rising in the polls, the contender for the Elysée best placed on the left believes “possibly” his accession to the second round, and claims his status as “sagacious turtle” in the vote projections: according to the famous fable by Jean de La Fontaine, “There is no point in running, you have to start on time”.

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This gradual electoral rise has something to displease its competitors on the left, including the socialist Anne Hidalgo. The city councilor of Paris considers that the “useful vote” for Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not exist, and continues to attack the political line of the candidate.

The proposal of the day

Emmanuel Macron wants to make a common tax return possible for common-law couples

The candidate president proposes the possibility for couples in common-law unions to declare their income in a joint declaration if he is re-elected, said on Friday his support and spokesperson for the current government, Gabriel Attal, confirming information from the Parisian.

The idea is to “allow cohabiting couples to benefit from this tax system of the “tax household” even if they are not married or in a PACS”argued Mr. Attal on Franceinfo.

He touted a new “option offered to couples” in favor of their “purchasing power”which would allow them to reduce the amount of taxes to be paid, thanks to the “marital quotient” from ” tax household “. It is also “significant progress for many French people”who “takes into account changes in society”he supported.

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Asked about the conditions for being able to benefit from it, Mr. Attal did not, on the other hand, specify the device: he affirmed that it will return to the “concerned ministers” of “implement this measure” if the outgoing Head of State is re-elected on April 24. He is the only one of the twelve candidates to propose such a measure.

In the archives of the “World”

Archive of the

Marseille, a city with strong symbolic value for the French left. On March 25, 1995, the journalist Gérard Courtois tells us how the socialist candidate, Lionel Jospin, who until then was looking for “tone and breath” of his campaign, finally had “the click” thanks to his passage in the Marseille city, two days earlier.

It all starts with a moment of campaign. On the Old Port, as a demonstration comes to an end, “territorial civil servants and health personnel” are in the process of folding up their FO and CGT banners when they see Mr. Jospin “in the front row of the bus that brings him[e] ». He then takes “a first walkabout” when some call the “citizen candidate” at “think of the workers” while he tells them how much he has ” need’[eux] “.

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On a visit to the northern districts and then to the Toursky Theater, “in front of all that Marseille has left-wing, anti-racist or feminist associations”the socialist candidate reconnects with all the components of the fertile soil of the “left people”. In the evening, in Vitrolles (Bouches-du-Rhône), he promises “with heart and guts” to fight against social inequalities and to defend the most modest, if he is elected to the supreme magistracy.

” I am [le candidat] who rejects racism, also repeats Mr. Jospin as he travels through the cosmopolitan city. Attacking the National Front, party of far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, he launches: “The extreme right is cowardly violence, violence against the weakest. »

A weekend of major meetings a fortnight before the first round

  • Saturday March 26: the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, is going to Guadeloupe until Sunday, Philippe Poutou will, for his part, be in a meeting in Clermont-Ferrand from 4 p.m., while Anne Hidalgo is holding a meeting in Toulouse at 3 p.m. , in the presence of Bernard Cazeneuve in particular.
  • Sunday March 27: the communist candidate, Fabien Roussel, holds a meeting in Toulouse from 1 p.m., while in Paris Eric Zemmour organizes a large gathering of his supporters at Place du Trocadéro at 2 p.m. At the same time, at the other end of the capital, the environmental candidate, Yannick Jadot, is holding his first major campaign meeting at the Zénith, with a speech scheduled for around 3:30 p.m. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be at the meeting at 2 p.m. in Marseille – a march will start from the Prado roundabout. You can follow live on this campaign day!

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