Gaspard Proust in “Le Monde”, a divisive humorist since his debut

Comedian and actor Gaspard Proust, in Aix-en-Provence, December 21, 2011.

VSn March 22, at the Dôme de Paris, Porte de Versailles, the presence of Gaspard Proust did not go unnoticed. The Tyrolean panties that the comedian wore – his usual stage costume – had nothing to do with it, or almost. Less than a fortnight before the presidential election, the context of the sketch, and the audience, a little more. In front of an audience to the right of the right, in the preamble to an evening debate organized by the ultra-conservative weekly Current values, the guest joked, diverting the famous quote from Pierre Desproges to whom he was so often compared: “Can we laugh at everything with everyone? The answer is obvious: it depends on the check. »

And to add, before the interventions, that evening, by Eric Zemmour, Marion Maréchal, Jordan Bardella and Eric Ciotti, but also by Valérie Pécresse and Marlène Schiappa: “In their brief, the guys from Current values said to me: ‘What’s important is that you put people at ease, that there is no favoritism for one or the other political stable, we are not there to guide the opinion of our readers, the important thing is that they have a good time and that in the end everyone goes home saying to themselves: “Basically, Zemmour is right.” » Cheers in the hall.

“The stand-upper kept his promise, brushing this preppy public in the direction of the hair under the guise of irony. » Ivanne Trippenbach

His remarkable performance earned him for the first time to appear in the political pages of the World dated March 24. In an article entitled “Between Christianity and ‘remigration’, the right and the extreme right are displayed”, the journalist Ivanne Trippenbach mentions the presence of the comedian, “adored for his very ‘politically incorrect’ style”, in front of “4,000 spectators, overwhelmingly fans of Eric Zemmour”. “Rewarded with a comfortable fee, the stand-upper kept his promise, she writes, brushing this BCBG public in the direction of the hair under the guise of irony. »

Chiseled provocations

Gaspard Proust rarely leaves anyone indifferent. The columns of World testified to this over the past ten years. If his name appears for the first time on October 18, 2009 in the supplement “Televisions” of the newspaper, in an anecdotal way, simple element among a list of artists produced by Laurent Ruquier, it is necessary to wait for November 17, 2011 to see the first article dedicated to the comedian.

And it’s an understatement to say that Macha Séry is not seduced by the show Gaspard Proust taps. “Favorable was the prejudice of the critic, she begins, however. Damn! A young humorist, presented as the heir of Desproges, whose L’Obs, L’Express, Le Point had made hot throats and Telerama his cover…” But this is to better dismantle the comparison: “Desproges was anar, Gaspard Proust does not hide from being on the right. He’s the Eric Zemmour of humor. Its targets: teachers, women, Jews, Islam, Guard Dogs, Jean Daniel, Michel Onfray, François Hollande compared to a flamekueche. »

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