Gloria Camila, confirms the complaint and makes it clear that she wants to sink it

After Patricia Donoso's statements about her alleged relationship with Ortega Cano, Gloria Camila has decided to speak Now, the consequences for Patricia could be quite devastating.

  1. Patricia Donoso's secret about her relationship with Ortega Cano
  2. A star is born a save me

Patricia Donoso's secret about her relationship with Ortega Cano

Last Friday there was the intervention of a new guest a save me. It was Patricia Donoso, a woman who provided shocking confessions from Miami Ortega Cano. According to Patricia, Rocío Jurado's ex-husband would have had an extramarital relationship with her.

Ana Maria Aldón and José Ortega Cano

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Patricia presented herself as a lawyer and advisor to the bullfighter, as well as a friend of Gloria Camila and, according to Donoso's words, she would have had an idyll with the bullfighter; all this while Ana Maria Aldón she was pregnant with his child. According to Patricia, upon learning of the condition of the wife ofOrtega Canoshe herself decided not to have any kind of relationship with him. "He wanted to have a relationship with me, but I told him no. It was a sentimental relationship without sex", affirmed Patricia last Friday in save me. However, the bullfighter denied everything the lawyer said.

"I have been friends for 25 years with Ortega Cano and now he says he doesn't know me when he knows me very well," said Patricia regarding the statement ofOrtega Cano of never having seen her. "He was very affectionate, he said he was not with anyone, he is very tender... He is an old man, but my husbands are all old".

Direct from Patricia Donoso


Angered by all these confessions of Patricia, the bullfighter decided to establish a live connection with the program as well. Thus, despite the alleged evidence that showed Patricia Donoso a save meJose Ortega Cano he continued to deny everything. In addition, the bullfighter accused her on multiple occasions of being a "liar" and a "coward".

"I only know her because one day she took my phone and called me. On a trip that wasAndalusia a Madrid she pretended to be affectionate, she told me she was my daughter's friend." However, Patricia continued to affirm the alleged relationship they had. According to her, only a couple of passionate kisses took place, as she was the one who decided to end the relationship after learning of Aldón's pregnancy.

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A star is born a save me

Thus, Patricia Donoso became one of the new star characters last week save me. Instead, despite his shocking statements about Ortega Cano and the alleged evidence he showed, Gloria Camila has decided to deny it.

Video call of Gloria Camila and José Ortega Cano in

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Last Sunday, October 16, they came to light in the new program party some devastating confessions of Gloria Camila. According to the bullfighter's daughter, Patricia Donoso and she would never have met. His father would also never have seen this lady, according to him Gloria Camila. "He has had no relationship, neither by chat nor virtually," said the bullfighter's daughter. "My father never instructed him to make a statement." And it is that, according to Gloria, Patricia would simply have been a woman who encouraged her father by message after the breakup.

Finally, Gloria decided to speak about her father's decision regarding Donoso's statements. In addition, a party it was stated that the bullfighter will sue Patricia, one of the new stars of save me.

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