Gloria Camila, talks about her pregnancy and points out the father of the baby

Despite the failure he is feeling Nightmare in Paradise to telecincthere are celebrities who are playing. One of the most talked about events of the contest was Steisy's "exhibitionism" in front of Víctor Janeiro.

The contestant decided to ride a horse without a shirt, which made Jesulín de Ubrique's brother very uncomfortable. Faced with this, Steisy accused him of sexism, since she said that she was a woman free to show her body. For this reason, the couple of the girl and the wife of Janeiro experienced a televised confrontation on set.

Another of the most relevant events has been the new love relationship that seems to have emerged on the farm. And it is that Omar Sánchez (former ofAnabel Pantoja) and Marina Ruiz, seem to have fallen in love at the contest.

Carlos Sobera doesn't believe everything this 'Nightmare in Paradise' contestant does

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Another of the topics of Nightmare in Paradise it was when Israel Arroyo, one of the participants, asked an intimate question to colleagues Steisy and Gloria Camila.

"Let him raise his hand, which of you two has had an abortion." Glória, surprisingly, raised her hand at her friend's words.

  1. Gloria Camila's pregnancy confession
  2. Gloria Camila's ex-boyfriend exposes her to save me

Gloria Camila's pregnancy confession

So, last Sunday, October 9, Gloria Camila Ortega it revealed a rather important event from his past. A Nightmare in Paradisethe adopted daughter of Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano she confessed her pregnancy with Kiko Jimenez.

"I didn't get my period, two months passed and the pregnancy test was positive." These were Gloria Camila's surprising statements about her past relationship with Jiménez.

During her relationship with Sofia Suescun's current partner, Glòria became pregnant. But the celebrity decided to have an abortion.

"Six or seven months after we started, we went to live together. He left me a week and a half after I turned 4. I think this was his goal: to do four years and that's it.'

Montage of Gloria Camila with Kiko Jiménez

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In addition, Gloria Camila confessed that she suspected the relationship of Sofia and her ex-boyfriend when they started working together. "I was starting to wonder if I'm jealous, if I'm crazy, if I make movies with what people tell me."

In addition, Gloria has said that she had a very bad time "because of Kiko". She confessed to her colleagues that she had become very cold and independent after Kiko left her.

Faced with these facts, Kiko Jimenez decided to confess his version to save me. According to him, Glòria would not have told the whole truth. "He forgets to count many hairs and signs", affirmed the collaborator of the space of telecincmonday afternoon

Gloria Camila's ex-boyfriend exposes her to save me

From the beginning, the collaborator has criticized Gloria talking about it. According to Kiko, since they broke up more than 4 years ago, the girl has been manipulating information and not telling the whole truth.

"He skips a lot of things, manipulates and forgets that he put the horns on me."

As for the abortion, it seems that Kiko does not want to speak out. He confessed that he had never talked about the subject. In fact, his parents didn't know either.

Kiko Jimenez he confessed that the abortion was a joint decision he made with Gloria Camila. "Let's talk and make a decision", assured the young man influencer

Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jiménez

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Kiko's family found out the day Gloria Camila confessed to the reality. Instead, Kiko assured that José Ortega Cano I was already familiar with the subject. In addition, he criticized very harshly the alleged hypocrisy of Gloria Camila's adoptive father in relation to his daughter's abortion.

"To me, people who beat themselves up saying they have a lot of values. If I'm affiliated with a party like Vox that is against abortion, what I can't imagine is that it will be carried out."

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