He cuts open a man's head and assaults the owner of the place he occupied in Mataró

Tragic event in Catalonia. The Mossos d'Esquadra they have arrested a man who occupied an establishment in Mataróin the Maresmeto assault a local resident. The events took place this past Monday around 3:30 p.m., very close to Plaça del Gas in the area.

Apparently, the victim is an acquaintance of the owner who was occupying the premises. In this way, he reprimanded the aggressor for being illegally in a place that was not his and his response did not take long, which came in the worst way. He opened the man's head with a stick, which was seriously injured.

The Mossos d'Esquadra have arrested a squatter who on Monday afternoon assaulted a neighbor of Mataró to reprimand him for illegally settling in a premises on the avenue Maresmeside of the N-II road. The events happened at half past four near Plaça del Gas and the victim is an acquaintance of the owner of the premises.

  1. He also assaulted the owner
  2. More attacks in the Maresme

He also assaulted the owner

The man accompanied the woman to the place when he learned that four people had been living there for a few days. Once there they reprimanded them and asked them to leave, at which point one of the squatters confronted them. He hit the man on the head with a stick, causing several injuries.

For his part, he pushed the woman and made her fall to the ground. The Catalan police force has already arrested the alleged aggressor, who will appear in court this Tuesday.

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More attacks in the Maresme

Last September 29, the Mossos d'Esquadra arrested four young people from Calella, al Maresme, accused of beating another during the party. As advanced the Chain SER and confirmed toACN municipal sources, the victim had a physical disability, as he is missing half a leg and needs crutches to move around.

theaggression it took place in the barracks area and the victim was taken to hospital. Although he was initially discharged, the day after the events he had to return to the hospital where he ended up undergoing emergency surgery and lost his spleen. Both aggressors and victims were well-known people rooted in the village.

Those arrested were brought before the court and released on bail.

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