He died two days after his son Victor's mother, the pilot died at the age of 22

The motoring world was hit hard last week by the death of pilot Victor Steeman, at the age of 22. The runner died in hospital, hours after a serious accident at the circuit of Portimao (Portugal), his mother died two days after him, victim of a heart attack.

Flora van Limbeek, 59, died just hours after losing her son, Dutch pilot Victor Steeman. The woman could not bear the pain of losing her son and her heart stopped just two days later. His death makes this family and sports tragedy even deeper.

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The death of mother and son just a few hours apart is already one of the great tragedies of recent years in sport. Meanwhile, the debate continues about the continuation of the dangerous test in which the young pilot died, several young pilots such as Victor Steeman have already died there.

  1. On Victor's death
  2. His mother couldn't get over it
  3. Message from the family
  4. Test under controversy

On Victor's death

Victor Steeman, a young talent in the motor world, lived this season in the year of his consolidation. His promising projection was suddenly thwarted last Saturday, October 8. The pilot had a serious accident when he was tracing turn 14 of the Portimao circuit.

Victor Steeman

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The young rider's motorcycle flipped on its own axis in the air, fell on his body and caused him serious injuries. Victor was admitted to the hospital, until Tuesday night they confirmed his death, which flooded the fans of the engine with pain, but especially his family.

After meeting theaccident of his son, the family quickly moved from the Netherlands to Portugal. There they received the sad news of Victor's death, and issued a statement. Two days after the young man's death, his mother Flora suffered a heart attack and also died.

His mother couldn't get over it

It has been learned that the woman could not overcome the terrible news of her son's death and suffered a cardiac arrest. Flora had been plunged into a state of great affectation, sunk in pain for the loss of her son. His heart stopped on Thursday night, adding to the family's grief.

Victor Steeman was a Supersport 300 driver and was fighting for the title with Álvaro Díaz. The Portuguese Grand Prix, the penultimate race of the season, was another opportunity to cut the gap on the leader, but the serious accident ended all aspirations.

Victor was taken to the hospital with severe head trauma. From the first moment it was seen that he was one accident very serious and that the pilot entered in critical condition with risk for his life. The injuries he suffered were incompatible with life, and he ended up dying in hospital.

Photomontage by Victor Steeman and Flora van Limbeek

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Message from the family

The pilot's family was devastated by his loss and announced that he had donated his organs. "Something that you always fear as a parent of a motorcycle rider has now happened, our Victor has not been able to win his last race." Thus began the message issued by the parents.

"Despite the loss and the unbearable pain, we are very proud to share with you that our hero, with his death, has saved five more people. We would like to thank you all for the way you have lived with us over the past few days. We will miss our Victor a lot."

This was the conclusion of the message, published just a few hours before Flora suffered a heart attack. The pain and anguish over the loss of her son affected her in such a way that she had a heart attack. This further adds to the tragedy that hangs over the family.

Test under controversy

Victor died during the competition of Supersport300, a category that is the subject of many criticisms for its danger. The recent death of Dean Berta, cousin of Maverick Viñales, is still in the memory. He died in a very similar way to Victor Steeman, and opened the controversy about this discipline.

Some riders such as Maverick Viñales himself or Aleix Espargaró asked for the suspension of the test, they criticized that it is a dangerous and useless test, with very heavy bikes and many riders on the track. The vehicles have the wingspan of a MotoGP, but without brakes and with a road chassis.

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