He jumps a radar in Catalonia and identifies his dead father as the driver

The little ones of the Traffic Squad have reported a fifty-year-old man who jumped a radar in Vidreres (Girona) and identified his deceased father as the driver. The events took place on the morning of last August 31, when the speed camera located on the N-II road detected the violation for excessive speed. At that time it was not possible to notify and the complaint of the cops it is by criminal means in accordance with a crime of document falsification.

During the identification procedure made by Catalan Traffic Service (SCT), the offender gave the details of a man who, according to the civil registry, had died last September 2020. The cops they opened an investigation to find out who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offense and discovered that it was the son of the deceased. Therefore, they have denounced him as the alleged author of a crime of document falsification.

The accused testified in a police station last October 14 and the case is now in the hands of the court of inquiry, which must summon him to testify as an investigation.

Several similar cases this year

It is not the only case of fraudulent identification detected by the cops this year. As reported in a statement, on two more occasions two sons also facilitated the affiliations of their deceased parents in the identification process of the sanctioning file.

The first case took place in January 2022. The SCT informed the police that he had been identified as the driver responsible for seven infringements, committed on different Catalan roads between October 2018 and in October 2021, a person who had died in April 2015. Investigations concluded that it had also been the son, a thirty-nine-year-old man.

In the second case, the cops they denounced a fifty-three-year-old man for holding his parent, who died in December 2016, responsible for a speeding offense. The offense would have been committed on January 25 of that same year and the little ones they hold him responsible as the main offender.

In both cases, the drivers face a criminal case for the alleged commission of a crime of document falsification punishable by between six months and two years in prison.

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