He overturned his motorhome on the AP-7 after driving drunk and without a license

Surreal event which has taken place in a municipality in the region of the Jungle. The Mossos d'Esquadra they have arrested the driver of the motorhome that overturned in Fogars de the Junglelast Saturday.

At the time theaccidentthe man was driving under the influence of drugs and without having obtained a driver's license. The 31-year-old detainee has been brought before the court accused of a crime against road safety.

  1. Six occupants trapped
  2. The man was driving drunk and without a license

Six occupants trapped

The events took place on Saturday, October 15, around nine o'clock at night. The arrested person, who was driving a motorhome, overturned at exit 10 of theAP-7within the municipality of Fogars, in the region of the Jungle.

The driver, who was driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs, crashed into the metal fence when he was about to take the highway exit.
The excess speed of the motorhome was the trigger for theaccident. As the vehicle took the bend, it overturned and the six occupants were trapped inside.

to the place of theaccident the Hostalric Local Police, the Mossos, the WHICH ONE and the bombers. Luckily, all members of the motorhome came out unharmed.

The man was driving drunk and without a license

Upon arriving at the scene, officers identified the driver and saw that he was under the influence of some narcotic substance. They then proceeded to give him a drug test. The result was positive for the consumption of cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine or methamphetamine.

During the identification, the Mossos d'Esquadra they also asked him for his driver's license, but the man could not prove that he had the legal permit.

Finally, officers arrested him and managed a crane to remove the motorhome that was blocking one of the freeway exit lanes.

On October 16, the man was brought before the Arenys de Mar Magistrate's Court on duty, in Maresmewhich decreed his freedom pending trial.

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