He plays the lottery every day and finds out that he is a millionaire by accident

Did you know that millions in lottery prizes go unclaimed each year? Sometimes it happens because the winners don't want to claim the money. But, most of the time it's because the prize winners don't even know they've won and claim the prize too late.

This could be the story of a Kentucky man who discovered he was a millionaire by going through a stack of lottery tickets. The man hadn't checked the tickets, and didn't know one had a prize. Thanks to this coincidence he learned that he had won a million dollars and that he was a millionaire.

This example shows that it is very important to check all tickets after the draws. Even if it seems impossible that one day you could win the lottery, there are small prizes that can go unclaimed if you don't check. This man's case is not the only one and it has happened more times.

  1. He got a nice surprise after playing the lottery
    1. He won a million dollars
  2. The lucky winner has already claimed the prize

He got a nice surprise after playing the lottery

This man from Kentucky, als United Stateshe had been playing his country's lottery for years with the same numbers. The man had chosen a combination with his family's birthday dates. He played the lottery every day and the game had become a routine for him.

He even started not checking the tickets after the draw was over and they started piling up. According to the Kentucky Lottery, this unidentified man had accumulated more than 40 tickets since June. He simply forgot that one day he could win.

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One day he started checking forgotten lottery tickets and got a big surprise. "I had already checked about 40 tickets and I got to the last five to see if there was a winning ticket. I was looking at the numbers on my phone when suddenly I saw the same ones I had always played," he explained.

He won a million dollars

As he explained, he checked the ticket again, looking at the date and making sure everything matched. Indeed, he had bought the ticket for the August 31 draw and the combination matched that day's numbers. Then he realized he was a new millionaire.

"I leaned on the couch and started calling my family to come see it," this lucky man remembers. Although she remains anonymous, she has decided to tell her story, which has quickly gone viral. After checking that he had won, he went online to find out what the amount was.

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He looked up how much you win for matching the winning numbers for the cue ball and not the Powerball. Then he found out he had won a million dollars and couldn't stop wondering if it was real or if he was dreaming. He is aware that if he hadn't checked the tickets he would never have known.

The lucky winner has already claimed the prize

Last week he went to the lottery administration to claim the million dollars he had won. After required state and federal taxes were withheld from him, he took home $710,000. After leaving the lottery headquarters he revealed what he planned to spend the money on.

As this lucky person explained, he is thinking of using the money to buy a new house for himself and his family. This way he will fulfill the dream of his life, buy a new house and save some of the money. All this would not have been possible if he had not remembered to check the tickets.

This is reminiscent of the case of a woman who played with her mother's numbers, not trusting that she could win. He tore up the ticket, and when he heard the winning combination on television he had to run to find it in the trash can. Fortunately, he managed to put the pieces back together and claim the prize.

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