Hidalgo and La France insoumise accuse Macron of being responsible for the rise of the far right: the political news live

At Rungis, Eric Zemmour opposes “France which gets up early” to “France which stuffs itself behind our backs”

The far-right candidate Eric Zemmour went early Friday morning to the Rungis wholesale market (Val-de-Marne) to rent “France which rises early against France which stuffs itself behind our backs”pointing to Emmanuel Macron and the McKinsey controversy.

After a first oyster swallowed at 4:40 a.m. then the inevitable cutting of the calf’s head, the presidential candidate stopped in front of the cameras to defend the “France of morning workers” and oppose it to “France of the assisted and the profiteers”.

As he has been doing for several days, like other opponents of Emmanuel Macron, he resumed his criticism of the government’s extensive use of consulting firms during the five-year term, in particular the American firm McKinsey.

“It is revealing of the state of mind of Emmanuel Macron”who works with his ” friends “ . It is, according to Eric Zemmour, a “submission to the United States”.

The reconquest candidate! again put his bad run in the polls into perspective by invoking a “hidden vote” in his favour.

Was he mistaken in focusing his campaign on radical proposals against immigration rather than on purchasing power, as his RN rival, Marine Le Pen does? “There is what is in the news” and what there is for “eternity. I am fighting so that the history of France can continue” and “France remains France”he reiterated.

The candidate spoke with professionals, chaining the selfies. Employees expressed their disapproval, one launching a ” God is great “ mockingly, while others defended a France “blue white red multicolored” or asked the candidate to “leave their children alone”.

A Malian worker, Mohamed Dantioko, dialogued with Eric Zemmour to oppose his program.

“I told him that I did not agree. With him, all of France’s problems boil down to immigration. He wants to fire foreign unemployed workers after six months, it’s unfair”, explained Mr. Dantioko to Agence France-presse. Eric Zemmour stressed that he had no problem with “working immigrants”.

Eric Zemmour at the Rungis wholesale market, April 1, 2022.

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