How Marine Le Pen was forgotten about the war in Ukraine

Marine Le Pen in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), March 22, 2022.

A sigh of relief. Nine days before the first round, members of Marine Le Pen’s inner circle admit in a low voice that they might as well have ” to flow “ with the war in Ukraine. The candidate of the National Rally (RN), unlike Eric Zemmour, pulled out of the game in five weeks. “It’s in hardships that you tan, that you shell out, not on the beach doing peeps, welcomes Wallerand de Saint-Just, former treasurer of the RN. On Ukraine, Zemmour played our lightning rod. He took the lightning completely. »

Since the start of the Russian invasion, the candidate for Reconquest!, who said he dreamed of a “French poutine”, lost one in five potential voters, plummeting by three points in voting intentions over the waves of Ipsos-Sopra Steria polls for The world. Marine Le Pen, on the contrary, gained almost three points. While both were neck and neck in mid-February, one is in the running for qualification in the second round (17.5%), when the former polemicist continues to fall in fourth position (11.5% ), according to estimates released on March 28.

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Marine Le Pen reacted very early. Thursday, February 24 in the morning, the day the war began, she opted for a brief sentence and then allowed herself a day of reflection. While Eric Zemmour portrayed a responsibility of the West to the camera, Marine Le Pen gathered his relatives at his campaign headquarters – Philippe Olivier, Jordan Bardella, Christophe Bay, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, Renaud Labaye, Caroline Parmentier – and a diplomat military affairs specialist. Caught up by her mistakes on Vladimir Putin’s intentions, scalded by uncertainty as during the Covid-19 pandemic, she decrees: “We will not play the president of the Republic. » Caution and moderation.

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Avoid talking about Russia

In reality, she only changes her tune in appearance. Unlike Zemmour, she says she is in favor of welcoming “war refugees” Ukrainians. “The French people are generous and friendly, she spoke friday 1er April, in a meeting at Stiring-Wendel (Moselle), before returning to its fundamentals. But France is the country of the French. » She who now defends “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine” declared in 2014 the annexation of Crimea “not illegal” and based on a vote “without question”, yet not recognized by the international community. She always defends in her project “covenant” with Russia on security in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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